News on why Andrade El Idolo turned down Impact Wrestling

Jun 6, 2021 - by staff

News on Andrade El Idolo Deal With AEW & Why did he turn down IMPACT

According To WrestlingInc, Andrade met with Tony Khan in Florida the week he was released from his WWE contract in March. Khan was motivated to sign Andrade, given that he did not have a 90 day non-compete, however a deal wasn’t made.

Negotiations stalled because of Andrade’s demands, which included wanting creative control and veto power on losing. There was a compromise made on that, and he will have a limited amount of creative control on his finishes. Andrade also wanted to work for other companies outside of WWE.

Andrade was also in talks with IMPACT. They were willing to guarantee part of his creative control demands but they were too far apart on the number of dates as he would be paid per date and not a guaranteed downside, which is how a lot of recent Impact deals are structured. They were pretty close on a one-off appearance at one point.

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  1. Steve says:

    Best of luck for Andrade he was short changed in the “E” but he isnt gona be a huge inpact player for AEW. Without a mouth piece he cant cut a promo.

  2. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Good on Idolo for sticking to his guns and believing in himself

  3. Stonz says:

    He’s an OK mid-card guy, but will never be the main man… especially if he can’t talk.

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