WWE Smackdown news for next Friday night

Jun 5, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE began a new feud between The Street Profits and Alpha Academy on this week’s SmackDown episode.

It has been announced that the feud will continue next Friday night as Otis and Chad Gable face Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in tag team action.

This week’s SmackDown saw Gable approach The Profits backstage and offer to be their manager, wanting to help them out as he has done with Otis. Ford and Dawkins laughed at Gable and turned him down.

Otis later approached Ford and Dawkins, seething over how they treated Gable in the earlier segment. They mocked Otis and pointed out how Gable isn’t exactly helping him. They suggested Otis leave the Academy and get a refund. Otis responded by dropping Ford with a single strike, then knocking Dawkins into a production case, putting him down. Otis walked off as The Profits tried to recover on the ground.

WWE later aired a third backstage segment with The Street Profits. Ford and Dawkins said they tried to give Otis good advice, but he didn’t accept it, when Gable was the one being disrespectful in the first place. They then said they’re going to send Otis back to the dump where he belongs, and will send Gable with them. Ford and Dawkins ended that segment by declaring that they are up, and want the smoke.

WWE later announced The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy for next Friday’s SmackDown on FOX episode.

Gable tweeted after the show and commented on Otis’ loyalty.

“Loyal. Reliable. A tried and true Alpha. That’s my guy. My #1 guy. #AlphaAcademy #ForTheAcademy #Smackdown,” Gable wrote.

Stay tuned for more on the Alpha Academy vs. Street Profits feud, and next week’s SmackDown. Below are related shots from this week’s episode:

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