Billie Starkz

Jun 5, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Date of Birth: October 13, 2004
Hometown: New Albany, Indiana
Pro Debut: October 12, 2018
Trained By: Grindhouse Pro Wrestling Academy
Finishing Move: Reverse Tombstone Piledriver


– Billie Starkz is currently one of the youngest wrestlers on the Independent Circuit that started training at 14 years old, she’s also known as Pizza Cat Jr. She’s also nicknamed Space Yeezus, #BabyDraw & Biting Billie.
– November 22, 2018, Billie lost to Samantha Heights at GFW Midnight Girlfight 2.
– January 19, 2019, Billie lost to Charlie Kruel at GFW Rumble Rumble.
– February 9th, Billie lost to Savannah Evans at MTW February Fracas.
– February 12th, Billie lost to Randi West at GFW The Indy Edition.
– February 24th, Billie lost to Alice Crowley at FxD First Day Out.
– March 8th, Billie defeated Shawn Kemp at WCWO Friday Night Thunder: Kickass Becky.
– March 15th, Billie lost to Khloe at GFW Shamrock & Roll.
– March 19th, Billie defeated Cole Radrick at FxD Shipping out to Naptown.
– March 29th, IFHY (Billie, Johnathan Wolf & Shawn Kemp) lost to The Lost Boys (Adam Slade, Chase Holliday & Alice Crowley) at WCWO Friday Night Thunder.
– April 19th, Billie defeated Su Yung at GFW Midnight Girlfight 3.
– April 26th, Billie lost to Marti Belle at SLA Ladies Night.
– April 28th, Billie lost the Grindhouse Pro Women’s Title to Charlie Kruel.
– May 3rd, Billie defeated Hayley Shadows at OPW Place Your Bets.
– May 4th, Billie lost to Charlie Kruel at EMERGE 44.
– May 11th, Billie defeated Hayley Shadows at Supreme 3 Generations of Excellence ’19.
– May 31st, Billie defeated Joey Owens at WCWO Friday Night Thunder.
– June 7th, Billie competed in a 10-Way Golden Opportunity Scramble at BOTB Ladies Night, she would also defeat Miss Hannah at the same event.
– June 11th, Billie lost to Jordynne Grace at GFW Fall from Grace.
– June 22nd, Billie competed in a first round 4-Way of the NWP Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Memorial Tournament.
– June 23rd, Billie competed in a 3-Way Elimination at PWT Welcome to the Wreck Room.
– July 7th, Billie defeated Livi La Vida Loca at GFW Texas Girl Fight Massacre.
– July 20th, Billie defeated Alice Crowley at GPW Summer Sweat Fest.
– August 1st, Billie lost to Ruthless Lala on Crux Hey Jealousy.
– August 2nd, Billie defeated Megyn Moxlee at Resolute Return of the Quack.
– August 7th, Billie defeated Shotzi Blackheart at GFW Indy Edition Pt. 2.
– August 25th, The Stupid Youth Project (Billie & Alice Crowley) defeated The Bad Dude Gang (Duke & Gnarls Garvin) for the Grindhouse Pro Tag Team Titles.
– August 31st, Billie lost to Chet Ripley at EWE We Got Heat.
– October 19th, Billie challenged Rahne Victoria for the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title.
– October 20th, Billie competed in a first round 3-Way in the FxD Young Guns Tournament ’19.
– November 8th, Billie, Everett Connors & Evan Gelistico lost to Ace Perry & The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling Riegel) at SLA No Church in the Wild.
– November 16th, Billie lost to Kylie Rae at BLP Slamilton 2.
– November 27th, Billie & Johnathan Wolf lost to Charlie Kruel & Akira in the finals of the GFW Tag Team Tournament.
– November 29th, Billie competed in a Gauntlet match for the vacant BTW Women’s Title.
– December 15th, The Stupid Youth Project defeated Witch Shit (Hawlee Cromwell & Nashay Laveau) at FxD Oh Chairman Where Art Thou.
– December 27th, Billie defeated Nolan Edwards at PPW What’s the Difference?
– January 10, 2020, Billie, Evan Gelistico & Everett Connors lost to Jake Dirden, Christian Rose & Angelus Layne at SLA Gateway to Anarchy ’20.
– January 18th, Billie competed in the Greatest BLP Rumble.
– January 25th, Billie competed in a 3-Way for the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title.
– February 22nd, Billie lost to Shawn Kemp at FxD Green Roses.
– February 29th, Billie challenged Brooke Valentine for the ZOWA Women’s Title.
– March 7th, Billie lost to Kenzie Paige in the semi-finals of the EMERGE Ladies First Tournament.
– August 7th, Billie entered into the SLA Spirit of Spaulding.
– August 18th, Billie competed in a Scramble for the vacant OVW Women’s Title.
– August 21st, Billie won a 3-Way at the Resolute 5 Year Anniversary Show.
– August 22nd, Billie challenged Jake Something for the BLP Heavyweight Title.
– September 26th, Billie defeated Skye Blue at GFW Fight Jawbreaker.
– September 27th, Billie defeated Solo Darling at NWP Complex Chaos.
– October 3rd, Billie lost to Deonna Purrazzo at BLP Turbo Graps 16 ’20 – Part 2.
– October 10th, Billie competed in the GCW Clusterfuxk Battle Royal.
– October 11th, Billie won a Naptown Elimination Scramble at PPW Trapsoul.
– October 17th, Pizza Cat Jr. defeated Blair Onyx at GFW Night of the Living Girl Fight.
– October 24th, Billie challenged Rahne Victoria for the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title.
– November 13th, Billie defeated Seishin at ACTION Friday Night Fights II.
– November 24th, Billie lost to DaCobra in the first round of the ZERO1 USA Tenkaichi Junior Tournament ’20.
– January 30, 2021, Billie lost to Solo Darling at GCW Fight Forever: After Dark.
– February 9th, Billie defeated Kayla Kassidy at the GFW Empty Arena 1.
– February 10th, Billie defeated Jody the Wrestler for the PHW Party Monster Title.
– February 21st, Billie defeated Skye Blue at F1RST Wrestling (Show 2).
– February 24th, Billie lost the PHW Party Monster Title to Sandra Moone.
– March 9th, Billie lost to Ella at GFW Empty Arena 4.
– March 12th, Billie lost to Kenzie Paige Henry at KFW Never Back Down.
– March 27th, Billie challenged Skye Blue for the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title.
– March 28th, Billie defeated Mitch Onyx at AWR Mercyful Fate 2.
– April 1st, Billie competed in the SUP Incarnation Gauntlet.
– April 3rd, Billie competed in the SHP WrestleCup 2 first round 3-Way.
– April 8th, Billie won a 3-Way at GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F ’21.
– April 9th, Billie lost to Allie Kat at GCW Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit.
– April 10th, Billie won a Scramble at Unsanctioned Pro Fueled by Spite.
– April 24th, Billie competed in a Elimination Scramble for the vacant HLW Women’s Title.
– April 25th, Billie defeated Blair Onyx at F1RST Wrestling (Show 2).
– May 1st, Billie defeated Janai Kai at JCW Opening Day.
– May 8th, Billie defeated Charlie Punk at SVW It Was All a Dream.
– May 12th, Billie defeated Everett Connors at PPW Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.

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