Andrade El Idolo debuts for AEW

Jun 4, 2021 - by staff

Tonight on Friday Night Dynamite we saw Vickie Guerrero interrupt Mark Henry and Tony Schiavone as she chose to introduce her newest acquisition which is Andrade El Idolo. He was formerly Andrade Cien Almas before it was shortened to just Andrade in the WWE. He’s also known as La Sombra in CMLL.

Earlier this year Andrade was granted his release from the WWE. He’s currently engaged to Charlotte Flair.

A recap of his debut is below.

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  1. Mike Oxmaul says:

    Imagine starting a wrestling company and telling the world you’re going to offer something new, something fresh and being completely different to the competition…

    Then all of the wrestlers you bring in are cast-offs from the competition. AEW are a joke. If WWE wasn’t so rubbish, they’d be gone by now.

  2. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Not an AEW fan at all, but Idolo is the man.

  3. Nolo King says:

    AEW is such an awful show. Thank goodness for WWE.

  4. MarkHunter says:

    Imagine being such a Markish POS that you have to crap on every hire a wrestling company makes. You geeks would have never made it during the attitude era. That was the best part, waiting to see who would jump where. “Geez WWF…why do you have to always take WCW guys be different…Giant, Jericho, now Malenko, Saturn, Benoit, and Eddie…geez be different”. Stupid geeks.

  5. Stonz says:

    AEW’s show is far better than anything WWE is doing right now. If you like the same format for EVERY show, then just watch WWE… Talk in the beginning, then a match that lasts for 2 commercial breaks (like 20+ minutes), etc. etc. Same ol’ sh*t format for every RAW. Haven’t watched SD lately but it’s probably the same. Generic. At least AEW is different, and at least it’s not PG rated and they don’t freak out whenever there is a drop of blood that appears.

  6. Hugh Janus says:

    Imagine being that person who calls someone a “POS” for having an opinion… Just because you don’t agree MarkHunter, there’s no need to be a dick

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