6/3/21 Impact Report

Jun 3, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Impact Wrestling comes to you from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

Commentators: D’Lo Brown & Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: David Penzer

Before the Impact kicked the night off as the first match started on BTI as we saw a Iron Man match for the X-Division Championship that would continue on Impact Wrestling.

Match #1: Josh Alexander (w/ Petey Williams) defeated TJP (w/ Fallah Bahh) in a 60-Minute Iron Man match to retain the X-Division Title as Alexander scored 2 falls to TJP’s 1 fall. The match had to go into sudden death as TJP scored a pinfall in the last 5 seconds of the 60-Min matchup.

Mathews & Brown then run down the card for the night.

Afterwards we see The Good Brothers & Don Callis making a plan for tonight as they’re happy that Sami Callihan & Moose will go head to head as it’ll wear them down and then they notice the camera man and shoo him away.

Back from the break as Alexander is being interviewed and congratulated by the talent backstage. TJP walks up and says if this is the last battle for a long time then it was worth it. Alexander then tells Scott D’Amore that he’s the only Impact talent with gold right now so until the World Title is back in one of these guys hands then he’s the King of the Mountain right now. Then Chris Bey asks for a title shot and then various others walk up to Scott asking for a title shot as well.

Match #1: Jake Something defeated Rohit Raju in a Tables match after he speared him through the table.

We see W. Morrissey telling Scott D’Amore that he wants a match with Rich Swann, Scott then says it’s funny you said that because Swann wants a match with you too so get ready.

Rosemary cuts a promo on Deonna Purrazzo as she took her to her realm last week and at Against All Odds she’ll take her to the dark side. Havok shows up and says we may be on the same page but my sights are still on the Knockouts Championship. Rosemary finishes by saying if you really want that shot then you’ll have to take it from “us”.

Match #3: W. Morrissey vs. Rich Swann ended in a no contest because Morrissey jumped Swann before the match and continued to dominate him. Willie Mack and security had to come out to help stop him.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb are trying to recruit Rachael Ellering as her tag team partner but then Jordynne Grace cuts in before she can ask.

A video package from the Most Professional Wrestler, Brian Myers airs as he demonstrates steps to be more professional. The first being presentation and he practices entrances and etc.

Gia Miller interviews Deonna Purrazzo on how she feels about Rosemary vs. Havok next week in a #1 Contendership match next week. She says it doesn’t matter because she’s defeated both and the odds will always be in the Virtuosa’s favor.

Match #4: Fire ‘N Flava (Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan) defeated Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Titles after Steelz pinned Grace to retain.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo on how he isn’t afraid of Moose and he doesn’t give a damn that he is in the best shape of his life. Don Callis then shows up and says he’ll be rooting for him even though he’s always been a bridesmaid but never a bride. He then tells Callis Go, Get! He finishes with saying tonight Moose I’m gonna best your ass.

Next we see Satoshi Kojima getting ready for his match tonight against Deaner.

A vignette airs for the newly arriving Maclin (FKA Steve Cutler in the WWE).

Fire ‘N Flava are celebrating infront of Scott D’Amore as they’ve defeated all their challengers and there isn’t anyone else to beat. He then opens his office door to reveal Susan & Kimber Lee as they’ll be challenging them for the titles at Against All Odds.

Match #5: Satoshi Kojima defeated Deaner with the lariat. Eddie Edwards would come out to even the odds for Kojima.

Moose then cuts a promo on his match tonight as he says it’s a good warm up match because he’s best him before. Callis then shows up to say that no one wants to see Callihan vs. Omega because Moose is the best athlete in Impact & Omega is the best in AEW and that’s where the money’s at. Moose pretty much tells him to take a hike because he didn’t listen to anything he said.

Eric Young cuts a promo with Violent by Design behind him as he says failure can be fixed but Eddie Edwards cannot. Crazzy Steve shows up and says it seems that their design is a little flawed after all. Young says I taught you so you should know better than to disrespect me, Steve then says how about they put those titles on the line against The Decay. Young then says done!

Next week we will see Havok vs. Rosemary in a #1 Contendership match. Also Willie Mack vs. W. Morrissey in a No DQ match.

Against All Odds matches are mentioned as Kenny Omega will defend the Impact World Title against Moose. The Knockouts Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Kimber Lee & Susan challenge Fire ‘N Flava. Joe Doering will go up against Satoshi Kojima & just made we will see W. Morrissey going 1-on-1 against Rich Swann.

Match #6: Moose vs. Sami Callihan ended in a No Contest as The Good Brothers came out to lay both men out and then Omega & Callis both come out grinning. They then stomp out Moose & Callihan. They then all stand on the ramp and pose and go backstage. Scott D’Amore meets them and says what a great idea, kind of like a move you pulled out at Under Siege. He then says go ahead and leave guys so that the EVP’s discuss things as Scott says that Sami just beat the #1 Contender so it’ll be a 3-Way at Against All Odds. Callis then mentions that Omega’s contract says different and D’Amore says it’s cool because Tony Khan will be here next week so we can hash this out.

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