Sting says he’s ready for his first in-ring match since 2015

May 30, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

In an interview with Paste Magazine to promote tonight’s Double or Nothing, Sting discussed stepping back in the ring for his first match since 2015.

Sting said that one of his main focuses is working on his mobility as now he doesn’t recover as quickly as he used to because of his age. He admitted that he still feels the effects from the power bomb he took from Brian Cage in February.

“I’m trying to get the heart rate up as much as I possibly can, so the stamina’s there to go with these young guys. Yeah, I’m getting ready – I am ready,” Sting said.

The former WCW champion is looking forward to the match though regardless of the pain that will come afterward. “It’s exciting. Especially exciting because we’ll have a full crowd,” Sting remarked.

Sting also had high praises for the AEW locker room, saying that they all march in the same direction and to the same beat.

“There isn’t really any factions or cliques or groups of people. Everybody is looking out for everybody and everybody wants AEW to succeed,” Sting continued, mentioning the great unity everyone shares.

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