Darby Allin on Being Paired with Sting

May 30, 2021 - by James Walsh

Darby Allin is hyped for his match alongside Sting at AEW Double or Nothing, and talked about his reaction to being paired with the Icon in a new interview. Allin spoke with Digital Spy, and you can check out the highlights below:

On working with Sting leading up to the match: “I’ve been going down to his house in Texas and training. He’s not taking this lightly, he ain’t taking this for granted. This is a lot, he has a lot to prove in this match, and he’s been working at it for sure.”

On performing in front of a full crowd again: “Both of us are super excited because it’s going to be a full crowd. It screws with the mind, I feel, when someone of his calibre, whose whole career was these insane crowd reactions, comes in during the pandemic. He’s had some good, big reactions when he first came in but that was, like, half the building. So, packing that out, I can only imagine.”

On his reaction to being paired with Sting: “I knew it would work just because we have the same sense of, like, we’re here for business, we’re here to really just focus on business. Sting’s not going to come up to me and gossip and stuff like that. So it feels natural for me to be around the veterans, because they don’t have time and head space to even care about any of that stuff. If they’d have put me with a younger guy, I’d probably head-butt the wall.”

On the skateboard community’s reaction to his work in AEW: “They’re hyped. The fact that I still skateboard and it’s not a cash grab or a gimmick. They really like the fact that I still skate every week, I’m going at it and I’m working on it. So, they know that I didn’t just sell out.”

On working with Tony Hawk, Steve-O and others: “I want to keep breaking down barriers and trying to connect to more people and other forms of entertainment and bring them into the wrestling world. My biggest goal is to transcend wrestling and just make this thing bigger than it already is.”

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