“When I had a seizure in Philadelphia, those fans took out their phones and instead of dialing 911, they recorded it and put it on YouTube”

May 28, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


Big Cass, who now goes by W. Morrissey, gave a worked shoot promo on IMPACT where he talked about fans recording his seizure in Philadelphia and uploading it online.

Every time that I’ve fallen down in this industry, every time that something’s bad that’s happened to me or I made headlines for all the wrong reasons, people kicked me while I was down. When I had a seizure in front of 1,500 people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, those fans that love us and adore us, you know what they did? They took out their phones and instead of dialing 911, they recorded it and put it on YouTube. And then everybody in the world gets to watch me at my most vulnerable point. And my former co-workers, people that are here behind-the-scenes, people that are in this locker room, do you know what they did when they saw that video? When I was at my lowest point, they laughed at me. And nobody reached out. People that I thought were my friends, they didn’t even reach out. Not even a text, not a phone call, “Hey man, how are you doing?” And for 3 years, nobody contacted me.

And then lo and behold, when I come back to wrestling, all those same people that hadn’t talked to me in years, all of ’em reached out. “Hey man, you look great! So happy to see you back! I always knew that you were gonna come back strong!” Do you know why they did that? They wanna know that they had that powerful piece on their side.

When I make it to the top of this industry, when I make it to the top of this company, those people, they wanna be on my team. So they reach out and they buddy-buddy. ‘Cause they want to be my friend now. Because I’m doing great.

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  1. Kyle Williamson says:

    Fantastic Promo

  2. Drew says:

    Sounded like a promo, a really good promo!

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