Alex Kane

May 28, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name:
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 240 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Pro Debut: September 2018
Trained By: WWA4
Finishing Move: The Mark of Kane


– Alex is nicknamed the Suplex Assassin.
– June 26, 2020, Alex & William Huckaby defeated Austin Towers & Eric Silva at PSW.
– August 29th, Alex defeated Legatto Von at VCW.
– September 10th, Alex defeated Kavron Kanyon at VCW.
– September 25th, Alex defeated Legatto Von at VCW.
– October 3rd, Alex competed in a first round 3-Way of the ACTION Futures Showcase Tournament ’20.
– October 8th, Alex defeated Justin Fleaux at VCW.
– November 13th, Alex defeated Damyan Tangra at ACTION Friday the 13th.
– November 14th, Alex defeated David Ali at Anarchy Wrestling.
– December 11th, Alex defeated Erron Wade at ACTION Bangers Only. Alex also lost to Dominic Garrini on the same day at the event ACTION Friday Night Fights III.
– December 26th, Alex lost to Todd Sexton at Anarchy Hardcore Hell ’20.
– January 2, 2021, Alex defeated Vary Morales at WU.
– January 8th, Alex lost to Logan Creed at ACTION Matt the Mouth’s Mysteriously Meaty 29th Birthday Bash Extravaganza.
– January 9th, Alex defeated Dawson Kimbrell at VCW.
– January 16th, Alex defeated Christian Valor at VCW.
– January 23rd, Alex defeated Sal Rinauro at Anarchy Bunkhouse Rumble ’21. He would also compete in the Bunkhouse Rumble later in the event.
– February 2nd, Alex lost to Jake Logan at ACW/WWN Proving Ground S1 WK7.
– February 10th, Alex defeated Xavier Faraday on PPW No Hook.
– February 12th, Alex defeated Chase Holliday at ACTION Eyes on the Throne.
– February 17th, Alex defeated Alex Cluckey on PPW No Hook.
– March 4th, Alex defeated Nikeem Avent on PPW No Hook.
– March 10th, Alex, Calvin Tankman & Miles Morales defeated Ken Broadway, Myron Reed & Nikeem Avent on PPW No Hook.
– March 13th, Alex lost to Tyler Cullprett at SVW Rumors of War.a
– March 14th, Alex defeated Cole Radrick at SUP Are These Our Lives.
– March 19th, Alex defeated O’Shay Edwards at ACTION You Can’t Do That in a Wrestling Ring.
– March 31st, Alex defeated Freddie Hudson in a UWFi Rules match at PPW UWFi Rules Contenders Series S2 #2.
– April 1st, Alex won the SUP Incarnation Gauntlet.
– April 7th, Alex defeated Phoenix Kid in a UWFi Rules match at PPW UWFi Rules Contenders Series #3.
– April 9th, Alex won a 4-Way at ACTION/SUP Have Fun, Be Sad.
– April 16th, Alex defeated Brandon Williams at ACTION Oops, We Forgot to Buy An Anniversary Present!
– April 17th, Alex defeated Charlie Kruel at PPW/ Pawcade ’21.
– April 28th, Alex defeated Max the Impaler in a UWFi Rules match at PPW UWFi Rules Contenders Series S2 #6.
– May 14, 2021, Alex defeated Orion Bishop at ACTION Boogie Nights.
– May 21st, Alex lost to Isaiah Broner in a UWFi Rules match at PPW Terminal Combat.

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