5/28/21 AEW Dynamite Report

May 28, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

All Elite Wrestling is coming to you live at Daily’s Place in Florida with a jam packed audience as this is the go home edition of Friday Night Dynamite as Double or Nothing is live this Sunday.

Commentators for the night are Excalibur, Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone. Justin Roberts will be the ring announcer for the night.

Match #1: Darby Allin (w/ Sting) defeated Cezar Bononi (w/ JD Drake, Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth) as Darby scored the pinfall after hitting the Coffin Drop. After the match Darby grabs the mic and calls out Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky because he’s ready to go tonight. Sky & Page then come out and say you’d like that wouldn’t you? You expect us to come down there in our fancies? Grow up, they finish with saying they’ll beat them this Sunday. Then Bononi, Drake, Nemeth & Avalon jump Darby & Sting from behind and then Sky & Page run down to join the attack. The Dark Order then run out to the aid of Sting & Darby. They then all fist bump one another as the fans seem to love it.

The weigh in for the Anthony Ogogo & Cody Rhodes match this Sunday as the host is Paul Wight. The Factory accompanies Ogogo and then the Nightmare Factory & family accompany Rhodes. Rhodes weighed in at 218 lbs and Ogogo weighed in at 219 lbs. Wight starts to say the official results but QT Marshall interrupts and tells the audience that Ogogo weighs more so he’ll win Sunday. They then both try to get the crowd pumped up but they keep booing Ogogo. Both groups seem to leave peacefully as Cody addresses the fans and tells them to enjoy the show.

A video package of the rivalry between The Pinnacle & Inner Circle airs.

Backstage we see Powerhouse Hobbs and Christian brawling it out backstage. Officials keep trying to break them up and then we return to the ring for the next match.

Match #2: Hangman Page defeated Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) after hitting the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall. After the match Taz grabs the mic and says I’ll like to introduce you to the guy that’s gonna kick your ass this Sunday, Brian Cage. Hangman then grabs the mic and says shut the hell up because every week it’s the same because you’ll talk and I’ll get distracted while Starks or Hook show up and attack me. Page then looks at Cage and says are you really the type of man that needs their help to kick my ass? Do you not have the balls or are they shrunk up in you. Cage then flips out and says I don’t need them because I’ll kick your ass. (Page was a bloody mess since he managed to get busted open at the end of his match).

We see a promo from Moxley & Kingston as they take the stolen shoes from the Young Bucks and bury them in mud. They’ll be going to war for the tag team championships. They want those belts. They are pitbulls and the titles are the t-bone steaks so what do you think will happen when they lock their jaws in them? Kingston then speaks to all the people in the back that are sitting there collecting checks while the Bucks and Omega decided to go all carny they did nothing while Kingston & Moxley aren’t gonna sit back and take it. They will stop them this Sunday.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to introduce Orange Cassidy but then Pac comes out and tells him to leave. Pac tells the audience that Cassidy is irrelevant and so is Omega because he’s going to become the next AEW World Champion. He then calls out Omega, but then Don Callis comes over the tron as a distraction while Omega tried to jump Pac but Pac took him out. Then The Good Brothers came out to beat down Pac. The Lucha Brothers would then come out to help Pac. As they run off the Good Brothers Omega hits Pac with a knee and picks him up for what seemed the One Winged Angel but then Orange Cassidy’s music hits and he lets him down. Cassidy hands Omega a envelope with the contract that Callis gave him last week. Omega opens the envelope to find the contract was shredded. Cassidy hits Omega with the Orange Punch, he reaches for the World Title but Pac puts his foot down on it and receives a Orange Punch as well. Cassidy then puts on his glasses and holds up the world title.

We see that earlier Tony Schiavone interviewed Jade Cargill as he asks her about her match tonight but then Matt Hardy interrupts and tries to recruit Jade but then Mark Sterling shows up and says that he has signed her as a client. Matt may take 30% from his clients but he doesn’t get paid until she wins.

Match #3: Jade Cargill (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated KiLynn King with the Jaded.

A promo from Jake Roberts and Lance Archer airs. Archer says he doesn’t want Dante Martin to win the title tonight because Miro’s done pissed him off and he wants him Sunday as he’s already punched his ticket to Double or Nothing.

Match #4: Miro retained the AEW TNT Championship against Dante Martin via submission after applying the Game Over. After the match Jake Roberts is on the mic as he mocks his talking as translates he should shut the f up. He points out how Miro is just a bully and Miro grabs a mic and tells him to quit running his mouth so Roberts then says sic em boy as Archer & Miro go at it as officials flood out to try and stop them. Archer is then the last one in the ring.

Next up Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he introduced the AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida as they’ll honor her current 377 reign as champion. Tony then introduces the new AEW Women’s World Championship to Shida as he puts the new title on her and congratulates her. She then grabs the mic and says when she won the title there were no fans but now here you are so this title is for everyone. Britt Baker then comes out and congratulates her as she was the Women’s Champion during the hardest time in professional wrestling history. She says she wants to take something back she said to JR about being the face of this division because when she wins that new title she’ll be the face of a whole new era. As it was all about 3:16 then, the future will be all about D.M.D.

During the break Sammy Guevara is in the audience with his giant cue cards he holds up during breaks. He then hands and throws them to members of the audience.

Match #5: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky defeated The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson). As Page pinned Uno after hitting the Ego’s Edge. (The entire Dark Order came to the ring to due their hand gesture as we seen a lot of fans doing it as well). After the match Page grabs the match and says what happened tonight is what’ll exactly happen on Sunday. Darby then comes out with a bunch of different people wearing Sting masks as Sky took them down one by one until the real Sting turns out to be one of them and Sky runs off as with Page.

The Buy-In for Double or Nothing will be Serena Seen defending the NWA World Women’s Title against Riho. The commentators then run down the card for Sunday.

Next week’s Dynamite will be on Friday once again.

Justin Roberts then introduces Eric Bischoff for the Inner Circle celebration as he’ll host it. He then talks to the crowd and says 25 years ago just last night he introduced what some might say is the greatest faction of all time right here on the same network. He then welcomes out another group of bad asses, the Inner Circle. As they come out the fans are definitely going all out with singing Jericho’s theme song. Jericho starts by saying that it’s great to have fans back. He thanks him for everything he did for him in WCW. He then airs a nice video package of all the highlights they’ve done since the company was founded. Santana grabs the mic and says we’ve done some pretty cool shit, he then brings up how they created magic with the Stadium Stampede last year. The locker room put this company on their backs during a pandemic and now it’s great to be infront of the best damn wrestling fans in the world. He finishes with saying that if this is the last time we fight together then at least he’ll be fighting with his brothers. Ortiz says that was beautiful, Hager says if this is the end then he doesn’t wanna see the good stuff but instead of all the hard times they’ve went through because that’s what truly makes them stronger. Sammy says that when he first came here he was wearing a panda head for god’s sake. If it wasn’t for them then he wouldn’t know where he’d be. Jericho was hesitant to form a faction because he doesn’t play well with others but when he seen a picture of them it felt like they looked like Guns N’ Roses in 1987 because they were bad asses. He finishes with saying he loves them and they all hug but then MJF comes across the Tron as they’ve tied Dean Malenko to the goal post. They all run to the field beside Daily’s Place but they’re attacked by the Pinnacle as they all get laid out. Santana & Ortiz are both piledrived through tables. Tully finishes by saying that when you’re in the Pinnacle, you’re always on top.

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