Impact Wrestling 5/27/21

May 27, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  D’Lo Brown and Josh Mathews are on the call.  A recap airs from months past.  The story of Rhino joining Violent By Design is retold.  They also recap the title victory last week they had over Fin JuiceRhino and Doering are your new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Sami Callihan enters the arena to start the live portion of the show.  Sami grabs a chair and calls himself The Death Machine.  He claims Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers are the reason he isn’t in the championship match.  He says he should be the #1 Contender.  Callihan calls out Omega to the arena.  Moose’s music blares and he comes out in a suit.  Moose says he won the match to be the #1 Contender and Callihan doesn’t matter.  Moose says he will be the champion and he will face Callihan after he takes care of Omega.  Callihan asks why do  The Good Brothers attack him and not Moose?   Just then the Good Brothers walk on the stage.  They walk down ramp to the ring making condescending comments about Sami.  Gallows and Anderson are actually acting like preachers.  They butter up Moose, but Moose and Sami attack them.  He wasn’t falling for their games.  Moose and Sami then stare each other down.  Backstage Don Callis meets Gallows and Anderson and calms them down.  Callis then calls himself the EVP and makes a match tonight.  Good Brothers VS Moose and Callihan.

D’Lo and Matthews talk about the main event tonight.  They then set up the evenings matches.

Match 1.  Fallah Bahh and TJP VS Josh Alexander and Petey Williams

The Candian Destroyer is back and looking better than ever.   He will need to be now that TJP and Bahh have reunited as a team.  Josh Alexander is the X Division Champion and the most pure wrestler on the roster.   This should be a great match.

Bahh and Alexander start off for their teams.  The pace is slow until Petey tags in.   Fallah and TJP make the tag.  TJP hits a splash and a slam and he and Fallah try and fail with a Double Splash.  Petey and Josh double team Fallah with a splash/Russian leg sweep, as we go to break.

Bahh is in trouble as we return.  Josh and TJP have been working on him the entire break.  Petey  connects with some great knees to Fallah.  Josh tags in and hits a running knee to the small of the back.  Fallah can’t get off his knees, but he still backdrops Josh.  Petey and TJP tag in.  TJP hits a vicious bood to the face in the corner.  TJP hiptosses Petey out of the ring and Josh enters and they two go back and forth with take downs and shoulder blocks off the ropes.  Petey tags back and hits a code breaker into a Josh rip cord..  Fallah enters and knocks down Petey.  TJP hits a  Mamba Splash on Josh for the win.

Winners.. Fallah and TJP

W. Moressey is interviewed backstage in a sit down session.  He goes over his hatred of the fans and industry for the way they treated him over the last three years.  He says now everyone wants to be his friend.  He then begins tearing into what a phony friend Rich Swann is to Willie Mack.   He then says nobody is laughing at him now.  Just then, Rich Swann attacks him from behind and pounds him.  The segment ends.

Match 2.  10 Knockout Tag Match.  Kiera Hogan, Tashia Steelz, Kimber Lee, Deonna Purrazzo and Susan VS Tenille Dashwood, Havok, Rosemary, Rachel Ellering and (no Taylor Wilde, so sub) Jordynne Grace

Grace wasn’t happy about being a sub, but Ellering talked her into joining the team.  Havok and Kimber will start off for their teams.  Havok takes her down immediately.  Kimber runs to Susan for a tag.  Susan gets destroyed and tags to Hogan.. More of the same for Hogan.  Ellering tags in and hits a side salto suplex.  She then hits a senton.  Hogan gets to Steelz and makes a tag.  Ellering rattles her further.  Grace tags in and the ref breaks up a double team, by the former champs.  Grace had Steelz in the torcher rack, but Steelz was able to slip over the top rope to safety, as we go to break.

Rosemary and Hogan are in the ring.  Rosemary is in trouble as the Knockouts tag champs have been working her over.  Kimber tags in and now she quickly pulls hair and tags in Susan.  She sets up Rosemary on the top rope.   The two fight for position.  Susan and Kimber set up Rosemary for a superplex, but Havok enters and makes it a Tower of Power.  Purrazzo finally tags in as does Ellering.  Ellering is in control from the outset.  She tags Grace and they double team her.  Fire and Flava enter and Havok takes them out.  Everyone is fight all over the inside and out of the ring.  Rosemary hits inverted sitout atomic drop for the win.

Winners Tenile, Havok, Rosemary, Jordynne and Rachel.  Rosemary pins the champion.

This is going to set up a championship match between Rosemary and Deonna.

In a flashback match.  EY beats Bobby Roode in a King Of The Mountain Match.

TJP and X Division Champion, Josh Alexander meet backstage.  They talk about a match between them.   Scott D’Amore enters and says they should wrestle next week on BTI in a 60 minute iron man match.  The two shake hands and say they will meet next week.

A vignette is shown with Rohit Raju and Jake Something.  They started in the business together.  Apparently, Josh and Rohit don’t get along anymore.  They are gong to have a tables match.

Violent By Design enter the arena.  They enter the arena and EY takes the mic.  He says their violence will bring them to where his sickness will need to go. Joe Doering was his first easy follower since he was already a monster.  Deaner became a monster..  The War Machine, Rhino was weak and a former shadow of himself.. but he returned.  Rhino came to him with the Call Your Shot Trophy.  Now they are the Champions.  They call out Mexico and Japan.  … Kojima enters the arena.  He has a history with Joe Doering.  They will face each other at Against All Odds at a rematch from Japan.

Brian Myers is interviewed backstage about the injured, Matt Cardona.  He says what does he have to do to keep him out of wrestling for good.  Then the Impact Greenhorn enters and Myers says he will make him a wrestler.

Match 3.  Black Taurus and Krazzy Steve VS Johnny Swinger and Hernandez

Hernandez and Swinger were outmatched from the outset, but Hernandez’s power eventually overpowered Steve.  Swinger hit a splash off Hernandez shoulders.  Taurus tags in and hits a shoulder off the top on Hernandez.  Steve stays in to help the fight.  Swinger  sets up Steve for a powerbomp, but that gets reversed.  Steve hits a Inverted DDT for the win.  Swinger hit all his highspots for a good laugh, but it wasn’t enough.

Winner.. Decay

Backstage Don Callis instructs The Good Brothers on the main event for tonight.  He says this match is a joke and he isn’t going to watch.

Match 4.  The Good Brothers VS Moose and Sami Callihan

Moose may have my favorite entrance music in wrestling.  It just makes you amped.  Josh tells us Moose will go to AEW to get Omega if he has to.  Sami is next.  This is like Batman and Joker tagging up.  They hate each other.  The Good Brothers come out looking very relaxed.  They are trying to sell all their merch all the way to the ring.  They don’t seem worried in the least.

Moose and Sami are all over The Good Brothers to start the match.  They still don’t like each other, even after they toss them from the ring.  We go to break with Moose and Sami starring each other down.

Back from break, Sami and Ken are locked up.  Sami wins the arm twist and tags Moose.  Moose takes the tag, does a quick move and tags Sami back in.  Anderson gets to Gallows and tags.  Sami then takes punishment from the fresher fighter.  Gallows takes Sami down a bit and Anderson tags back in.  He tosses Sami to the floor and Gallows takes advantage.  He also tags back in and pounds Sami in the corner.  Gallows then hits several back elbows from a rear headlock position.  Sami is about to pass out, but gets to his feet from the mat.  Callihan bounces the ropes and hits a jaw breaker and clothesline.  He needs to tag..

Everyone gets to the tag, but Moose has to take on both the Good Brothers.  Moose is all over them .  Sami cuts him off once the match was about to end arrogantly.  Moose kicks Sami in the face.  Anderson takes advantage.  They hit a Magic Killer on Sami.  1.. 2   . … 3

Winners.  The Good Brothers.

Post match.. Moose Spears Sami and tells him to stay out of his business.





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