5/27/21 NXT UK Report

May 27, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

NXT UK comes to us from BT Sport Studios in London, England.

Commentators for the night are Andy Shepherd & Nigel McGuinness. Francesca Brown will be the voice for the evening.

Match #1: Nathan Frazer defeated Sha Samuels (w/ Noam Dar) with a Frog Splash. (Dar would be ejected during for match due to interference.

James Conners with Jinny cut a promo on Flash Morgan Webster as he as well as the entire NXT UK roster will learn to not mess with them. The lower class will meet the higher class.

Still backstage as Noam Dar is now interviewed as he complains about getting ejected after his 2nd strike when he deserved 3. He then focuses on Ilja Dragonuv as he challenges him next week.

Match #2: Teoman defeated Ashton Smith with the Crossfade. Afterwards he attacks Smith and locks in the Crossfade again for good measure. Oliver Carter then comes out to help his tag team partner.

Ilja Dragonuv is asked about his anger being a problem and he says it isn’t. He has changed but there is one thing that’ll never change and it’s when people come at him and antagonize him then violence will come out.

Earlier this week Jack Starz is being made fun of by Pretty Deadly as he seems sad. He then flips out on then and calls them a joke. He said he has no problem in smashing their faces in. They respond by saying that Johnny Saint determines the matches and he needs to find a friend and earn a shot at their gold.

Match #3: Kenny Williams defeated Andy Wild with the headlock driver.

A video package airs for the Meiko Satomura & Kay Lee Ray matchup in two weeks as Ray will defend her NXT UK Women’s Title against her.

We see a recap of Rampage Brown wanting another match with Joe Coffey as they’ll go at it next week.

Match #4: Trent Seven defeated Sam Gradwell with the Burning Hammer.

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