JBL comments on John Cena/Taiwan controversy

May 26, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE Hall of Famer JBL took to Twitter on Tuesday with a show of support for John Cena.

As noted, Cena received backlash from fans in China after referring to Taiwan as its own country while doing media for the Fast 9 movie. Fans in mainland China were reportedly outraged at Cena’s comments as Beijing insists that the self-ruled Taiwan is an indispensable part of the country, not on its own. You can click here to see Cena’s video apology to fans in China.

JBL tweeted a message in response to the controversy as Cena has continued to trend on social media. The former WWE Champion said he will stand by Cena.

“@JohnCena has granted over 600 Make a Wishes-a record. Supported cancer research, rise above hate campaign, a million of his own dollars for racial equality. He has fought tirelessly for equality. An incredible track record of making the world better. I’ll stand with this guy,” JBL wrote.

As noted at this link, CM Punk trolled Cena over the controversy yesterday.

You can see JBL’s full tweet below:

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