nZo comments after accident during match at weekend indy show

May 25, 2021 - by Staff

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

Former WWE Superstar nZo (fka Enzo Amore) took to Twitter this week and issued a video message after he was reportedly hospitalized following an accident at a weekend indie wrestling event.

As noted, it was reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that nZo was “knocked completely out” during a SWE Fury event in Texas over the weekend after taking a DDT on the floor from Ivan Warsaw. nZo was reportedly taken out of the event on a stretcher and driven straight to the hospital. This was his first match with the up & coming promotion out of Texas.

Enzo wrote “Thanks everybody” on Sunday morning, but that was the last we heard from him until the video message.

“I’m out of the hospital now, but I’m sure you read the headlines – ‘Enzo Amore, DDT’d On Concrete at SWE Fury Show By Ivan Warsaw!’

“Well, I would like to thank all the fans for their prayers. Pennies from heaven is what I call them. But if we’re talking change, let me tell you something… if I had a dime for every time I got knocked out and didn’t get back up, I would have… oh, what do we have here? Zero dimes!,” Enzo said as he smashed a piggy bank with a hammer.

nZo also appeared to taunt Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer with a few tweets, one that included a photo of the legendary Andy Kaufman. You can see those tweets below.

He wrote in a follow-up tweet, “#MakeKayfabeGreatAgain #Marks”

nZo has been announced to return to SWE Fury for their North Texas Fury Fest on Saturday, June 19. There will be a meet & greet, TV taping and pay-per-view event that night. Details are at

Stay tuned for updates on nZo’s condition. You can see his related tweets below:

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