Charlie Kruel

May 24, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Carlie Curry
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Clayton, Indiana
Pro Debut: December 30, 2017
Trained By: 2 Tuff Tony, Aaron LaMotta & Rudy Switchblade
Finishing Move: Dysphoria


– Charlie is nicknamed Beautiful Nightmare & the Purple Haired Maniac.
– March 20, 2018, Charlie lost to Aleida Ortiz at GFW St. Paddy’s Melee.
– May 4th, Charlie competed in a 3-Way at WCWO Friday Night Thunder.
– May 8th, Charlie lost to Randi West at GFW Witch Slap.
– June 2nd, Charlie defeated Rachel Bostic at EMERGE 33.
– June 9th, Charlie & Wade Kastle competed in a 4-Way for the WFW Tag Team Titles.
– June 12th, Charlie lost to Melanie Cruise at GFW Some Like it Hot.
– June 16th, Charlie lost to Joseline Navarro at BOTB 7 Legends & All Stars.
– July 27th, Charlie defeated Freddie Hudson in a No DQ match at PPW Tear Da Club Up 97.
– August 4th, Charlie competed against Hayley Shadows for the vacant EMERGE Women’s Title.
– August 21st, Charlie defeated Kaci Dillon at GFW Don’t Mess With the Commish.
– September 8th, Charlie competed in a 3-Way for the EMERGE Title.
– October 20th, Charlie defeated Tootie Lynn Ramsey at WWA Battle Lines ’18.
– October 27th, Charlie, Livi La Vida Loca, Desy Des Lattimore & Nikki Victory lost to Vega Venum, Paloma Starr, Blair Onyx & Big Mama at BCW We’Re Taking Over!
– October 28th, Charlie defeated Sadie Vanderkammp at AWR Holiday Hell.
– November 17th, Charlie defeated Hayley Shadows at the EWE Epic Series 2.
– November 22nd, Charlie lost to Hayley Shadows at GFW Midnight Girl Fight 2.
– December 22nd, Charlie defeated Bryce Avery at BOTB 9 Christmas Chaos.
– January 5, 2019, Charlie challenged Hayley Shadows for the EMERGE Women’s Title.
– January 12th, Charlie lost to Jenna Van Muscles at EWE Peace Out.
– January 19th, Charlie defeated Billie Starkz at GPW Rumble Rumble.
– January 25th, Charlie defeated Avista Varlowe at WTF Defining Moments.
– February 12th, Charlie defeated Khloe in a Street Fight at GFW The Indy Edition.
– February 16th, Charlie defeated Elayna Black at BCW Valentine’s Day Massacre.
– February 23rd, Charlie & Alex Gates lost to Super Oprah & Shawna Reed at BOTB 10 Night of Champions.
– March 5th, Charlie lost to Freddie Hudson at the PPW/GFW Gender Wars 2.
– March 8th, Charlie lost to Jody Threat in the first round of the DPW Tournament of Roses.
– March 15th, Charlie & Autumn Mariee lost to Nikki Victory & Cassandra Golden at GFW Shamrock & Roll.
– March 22nd, Charlie competed in a 5-Way Scramble for the WCWO Outlaw Heavyweight Title.
– April 19th, Charlie lost to Thunderkitty at GFW Midnight Girlfight 3.
– April 20th, Charlie competed in a 6-Way for the vacant HLW Women’s Title.
– April 28th, Charlie defeated Billie Starkz for the Grindhouse Pro Women’s Title.
– May 3rd, Charlie won a 3-Way at WCWO Friday Night Thunder.
– May 4th, Charlie defeated Billie Starkz at EMERGE 44.
– May 31st, Charlie & Akira defeated Nashay Slayer & Shorty P at WCWO Friday Night Thunder.
– June 7th, Charlie defeated Hayley Shadows at BOTB Ladies Night.
– June 11th, Charlie lost a Street Fight to Khloe at GFW Fall from Grace.
– June 23rd, Charlie competed in a FuckFest Gauntlet at PWT Welcome to the Wreck Room.
– July 20th, Charlie challenged Amazing Maria for the Grindhouse Pro Women’s Title.
– August 3rd, Charlie lost to Miss Hannah at PCW Boiling Point.
– August 7th, Charlie defeated Sabrina Hexx in a Street Fight at GFW Indy Edition Pt. 2.
– August 17th, Charlie defeated Mr. E at EWE Believe in the Dream.
– September 21st, Charlie defeated Alyx Gates at BOTB 12 Armageddon.
– September 29th, Charlie lost to Queen Aminata at OWA First in Fight.
– November 27th, Charlie & Akira defeated Johnathan Wolf & Billie Starkz to win the GFW Tag Team Tournament.
– December 13th, Charlie & Arie Alexander defeated Hayley Shadows & Alyx Gates at BOTB Miracle on Main Street.
– December 14th, Charlie lost to Super Oprah at BOTB Christmas Chaos.
– December 28th, Charlie defeated Megan Mason at ACW Snow Day!
– January 24, 2020, Charlie competed in a 3-Way for the Rogue Women Warriors Title.
– February 1st, Charlie defeated Dave Davidson at EMERGE 52.
– February 8th, Charlie lost to Sadie Lee Moss at QOC 40.
– March 7th, Charlie lost to Kenzie Paige in the finals of the EMERGE Ladies First Tournament.
– July 5th, Charlie defeated Becky Idol at AWR Fallout Indianapolis.
– July 11th, Charlie competed in the PPW Loyal Rumble.
– August 7th, Charlie challenged Joseline Navarro for the DPW Title.
– August 22nd, Charlie lost to Skye Blue at NWP Higher Ground 3.
– August 29th, Charlie defeated Sean Tyler at the PWK Adam Bueller Benefit Show.
– September 5th, Charlie defeated Becky Idol at WTF Out of the Dust.
– September 20th, Charlie defeated Valerie Vermin at EWE Change the World.
– September 26th, Charlie defeated Salena Dean at GFW Fight Jawbreaker.
– October 10th, Charlie lost to Dream Girl Ellie at FLAWLESS A League of Their Own.
– October 17th, Charlie competed in a Rumble for the vacant Girl Fight Title.
– October 18th, Charlie defeated Mickie Knuckles in a Street Fight to win the vacant AWR Women’s Title.
– October 24th, Charlie lost to Mother Endless in a Casket match at TCW Goddesses of War 3.
– November 14th, Charlie lost to Becky Idol at WTF Survival.
– December 13th, Charlie defeated Jeremy Hadley at AWR Christmas Clash.
– February 24, 2021, Charlie competed in a Battle Royal for the vacant Interim Title.
– February 27th, Charlie competed in the WTF Blizzard Brawl Rumble.
– February 28th, Charlie retained the AWR Women’s Title in a 3-Way.
– March 2nd, Charlie lost to Salena Dean on GFW Empty Arena.
– March 4th, Charlie challenged Jody the Wrestler for the VERZUS Battleborn Title.
– March 9th, Charlie lost to Haley J on OVW TV.
– March 28th, Charlie retained the AWR Women’s Title against Ava Lee.
– April 18th, Charlie defended the title against Harley Fairfax.
– April 24th, Charlie lost to Seishin at RPW Blood, Sweat & Beers.
– April 27th, Charlie lost to Haley J on OVW TV.
– May 1st, Charlie lost to Brooke Valentine at Zelo Pro Wrestlefest.
– May 8th, Charlie defeated Hayley Shadows for the EMERGE Women’s Title.
– May 15th, Charlie lost to Alice Crowley at WTF No Laughing Matter.

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