Rey Mysterio Says If Aalyah Wants To Become A Wrestler, He’d Support Her

May 22, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with TalkSport, Rey Mysterio spoke about his son Dominik becoming a pro wrestler and if he’s support his daughter Aalyah if she wanted to do the same. Here are highlights:

On Dominik getting a mask and carrying on his legacy: “Yes, I definitely think he has to earn it. And he’s already gotten a bunch of points from me. I remember the first day I was given, or I had earned the name Rey Mysterio Jr was from my uncle. I did about three years wrestling as the Hummingbird thinking I would never become Rey Mysterio and then one day my uncle just surprised me and presented me with the mask. From that moment on, I carried on with the Rey Mysterio legacy. I believe Dominik is on the path to earning the name and earning the mask, which comes with the name.”

On Aalyah becoming a wrestler: “She enjoyed it very much, even as a little girl when she would appear on TV. We can’t forget the CM Punk Happy Birthday [laughs]. That was incredible. She’s been getting a feel of this business at certain times. She hasn’t asked the question, but it’s funny you asked me that because my wife, she asked me a couple of days ago, she goes: “what would you say if your daughter came at you and said Dad, I want to become a wrestler?’ I said ‘I would be the first one to train her, just like I did with Dom!’ She said ‘No you wouldn’t’ [laughs]. I would! I would back her up 100 percent. She would still have to continue with her school because she wants to be a part of the medical field so she’s working really hard at that right now. But it would be a different experience, but I would be supportive 1000 percent. Maybe she already asked mum and she’s testing it with me, right?”

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