GSW Catalyst Report

May 22, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

We are live on FITE TV at Knights of Columbus, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey with the first ever Catalyst show presented by Global Syndicate Wrestling.

Tonight will host the Global Champions Cup Round 1 Matches:

A Bracket: Kimber Lee vs. Trish Adora
A Bracket: Hyan vs. Allysin Kay

B Bracket: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordan Blade
B Bracket: Vicious Vicki vs. Holidead

Round 2 & the final match will take place on August 21st. This cup will help crown the inaugural GSW Women’s Champion. Other matches tonight will be Alexander Hammerstone defending the GSW World Title against Chris Dickinson. Also since Jacob Fatu won’t be wrestling Michael Elgin (due to illness) whom will answer Fatu’s open challenge? The inaugural GSW Dream Openweight Champion will crowned. Also Austin Aries & Ricky Reyes vs. Gio Galvano & Supa Nitro, stay tuned here on GWN!

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Pre-Show Matchup: Smiley defeated Traxx with a springboard 450. After the match Smiley laid out Traxx’s manager with a rope assisted double arm piledriver. Smiley then slid his mask off to put on a more darker/serious mask.

Match #1: Allysin Kay defeated Hyan via submission in a quarter-final (A Bracket) matchup of the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament. After the match Masha Slamovich attacks Hyan on the ramp and then into the ring and then to the entrance way as she does a fisherman style piledriver on Hyan on the steel. Slamovich is obviously angry for not being included in the tournament but she is the GSW Soul of Syndicate Champion. Medical staff then arrives to take Hyan away on a stretcher.

Match #2 Wrecking Ball Legursky defeated Donovan, Richard Holliday & Tyson Maddux to become the inaugural GSW Dream Openweight Champion. After the match Legursky cuts a promo on how the world will now know that All Will Fall to the Wrecking Ball.

Match #3: Vicious Vicki defeated Holidead with a surprise pin in a quarter-final (B Bracket) match of the GSW Women’s Title Tournament.

Match #4: Austin Aries & Ricky Reyes defeated Gio Galvano & Supa Nitro as Aries pinned Gio after hitting the Brainbuster. After the match Gio grabbed the mic to say that he was honored to be in the same ring as a legend as himself. He says he learned a lot from this tag match tonight but he wants to learn more so he challenges him to a one on one match. Aries grabbed the mic & says he agrees only with the legend part. The challenge intrigues him because he’s got balls from losing, getting back up and still calling him out. He says this is a wrestling business so he needs to put his Next Gen Title on the line if he wants a match.

The Lone Wolf Davey Richards arrives and addresses the fans as he receives the welcome back chants. He says that for those who know me and the people who don’t know me will learn that I prefer to wrestle instead of talking about wrestling. He says he’ll make this short and say that on August 21st he will issue a open challenge at Asbury Park as the Hunt is on!

A 15 minute intermission begins. We see that the wrestlers and fans are interacting with one another ad they shake hands and take pics.

I will say that I like the camera angle switch-up they pull of because you’ll watch it from one angle and they’ll reverse it completely so you’ll wanna know the attire, surroundings and just pay more attention.

Match #5: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordan Blade with a double fujiwara style armbar. She will move on in the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament as she’ll face Vicious Vicki in the semi-finals. After the match Deonna shows respect to Jordan with a fist bump.

Match #6: Jacob Fatu defeated Matt Cross with the Samoan drop.

Match #7: Trish Adora defeated Kimber Lee with the cattle mutilation to advance to the semi-finals of the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament as she’ll go up against Allysin Kay on August 21st.

Somewhere in the main event the venue lost connection as the chat room informed me that NJ itself had a wifi issue so the main event was kind of ruined. (Kinda like the epic WCW Title match between DDP & Goldberg, different reasons of course).

Match #8: Alex Hammerstone defended the GSW Heavyweight Championship against Chris Dickinson, after the match Maclin (FKA Steve Cutler) made a impact and raised the title up as his future in wrestling starts now.

All in all though the main event was what everyone was looking forward to but the show was very impressive. This being their second ever pay per view, it rose to the occasion and dominated. For a up and coming promotion I am very pleased with what I seen and hopefully on August 21st I’ll be here announcing the first ever GSW Women’s Champion. I’d recommend watching the replay but remember the main event isn’t available (as of now). Enjoy the show and/or the report and rock on from GWN!

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