Renee Young Says the Clock Is Ticking on CM Punk’s Return to Wrestling

May 17, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Renee Paquette spoke about the possibility of CM Punk making an in-ring wrestling return, saying that she wants to see it happen. Here are highlights:

On the possibility of CM Punk returning to wrestling: “I think it’s just like anything else with WWE, you just never say never. We’ve seen people come back who none of us ever thought would return. I think Punk is somebody who falls under that category. End of the day, the guy is a wrestler. That’s who he is. I feel like in some capacity, I hope we get to see Punk wrestle someone someday.”

On where he should wrestle: “At this point, I don’t think anyone cares where it is. Everyone just wants to see him get back out there. Tick Tock, brother. Let’s go. There’s always going to be rumblings. The fact is people just want to see him back wrestling, and whatever way that happens, if it ever does, I think people would freak. I’ll freak.”

On her own recent WWE return: “When I returned to Backstage in January, it felt very different because it was with FOX. But it was still nice to see everyone, I loved to catch up with Booker T and Paige. I wish we could have had the full crew for that. It is always fun to step back into the WWE world. That’s the hardest part for me about leaving WWE, because I could no longer see my friends all the time. I spent eight years there, and to just walk away has been the hardest adjustment for me.”

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