Mercedez Blaze

May 17, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Date of Birth: April 10
Hometown: Hackney, London
Pro Debut: 2018
Trained By: Battle Pro Wrestling
Finishing Move: Rope Assisted Cutter


– Blaze is a certified Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor.
– June 15, 2018, Blaze & Amir Jordan defeated Kip Sabian & Chakara at Battle Pro Gang Warfare!
– October 5th, Wavy Blaze (Blaze & Roy Johnson) defeated Miss Monica & Karim Brigante at Battle Pro A Battle Intensifies.
– January 20, 2019, Blaze lost to Candy Floss at SOUL Live in Wimbledon.
– March 22nd, Blaze defeated Talia Martins at SOUL 2: Electric Boogaloo.
– April 13th, Blaze lost to Rebel Kinney at EVE Bigger Than Shesus.
– April 27th, Blaze would lose to Jamie Hayter at Frontline Wrestling NEXGEN #2.
– May 12th, Blaze & La Lechuza lost to Tom Bomb & Callum Newman at Head Drop The Return of Live Pro Wrestling.
– June 8th, Blaze defeated Erin Angel at EVE She Rules.
– June 28th, Diamond Vogue Collective (Blaze & Jinny) defeated Kay Lee Ray & Viper at EVE She Brawls in Brighton.
– July 13th, Blaze & Lana Austin lost to Wrestle Friends (Jetta & Erin Angel) at EVE Dawn of a New Era.
– September 13th, Blaze competed in the SOUL Women’s Title Tournament.
– September 27th, Blaze defeated Trish Adora at EVE Friday Night Riot.
– September 28th, Blaze competed in a 3-Way at EVE She Regrets Nothing.
– October 12th, Blaze & Laura Di Matteo competed against The Woke Queens for the vacant EVE Tag Team Titles.
– November 9th, Blaze entered into the EVE SHE-1 ’19.
– November 10th, Blaze competed in a 4-Way at EVE SHE-1 – Ace of EVE ’19 – Tag 2: Show #2.
– December 14th, Blaze lost to Heidi Katrina at EVE Let’s Get Shitfaced & Scream Into the Void: A Christmas Wrestling Spectacular.
– December 30th, Blaze & Jerry Bakewell defeated Cassius & Nye-Oh at PROGRESS Chapter 100.
– January 4, 2020, Blaze, Sammii Jayne & Gisele Shaw defeated Millie McKenzie & The Woke Queens (Debbie Keitel & Valkyrie) at EVE Battle Cry.
– January 11th, Blaze competed in a Rumble match at EVE Wrestle Queendom 3.
– January 19th, Blaze challenged Jinny for the PROGRESS Women’s Title.
– February 1st, Blaze lost to Nor Diana at EVE Reign After Queendom.
– February 27, 2021, Blaze competed in a #1 Contendership Thunderbastard match at PROGRESS Chapter 105.
– April 10th, Blaze defeated Kanji at PROGRESS Chapter 108.
– April 24th, Blaze defeated Alexxis Falcon at PROGRESS Chapter 109.

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