Katalina Perez

May 17, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Date of Birth: November 8
Hometown: Florida
Pro Debut: July 30, 2017
Trained By: Jay Lethal
Finishing Move:


– Katalina is nicknamed Boss Chick & The Queenpin.
– July 30, 2017, Katalina would make her debut in a losing effort to Ava Storie at TBPW Tag Wars.
– August 27th, Katalina, Brandon Law & Tony Lewis defeated Josh Grady, Rodd Grimes & Nora Pryce at TBPW Future Shock.
– September 24th, Katalina won a 3-Way at TBPW Go for Broke.
– October 29th, Katalina lost to Nora Pryce at TBPW HallOSlam.
– December 10th, Katalina lost to Ava Storie at TBPW Final Countdown.
– January 28, 2018, Katalina lost to Lindsay Snow at TBPW Something to Prove.
– February 6th, Katalina challenged Roxy Rouge for the RPW Women’s Title.
– February 21st, Katalina lost to Salina de la Renta on ACW Proving Ground.
– May 30th, Katalina & Avery Taylor defeated Amy Rose & Ellie Taylor on ACW Proving Ground.
– June 13th, Katalina & Avery Taylor lost to Ellie Taylor & Amy Rose on ACW Proving Ground.
– June 23rd, Katalina lost to Ava Storie at FTPW Fight Club: Revolution.
– July 15th, Katalina won a 3-Way at TBPW Super Smash Brawl.
– August 5th, Katalina defeated Aspyn Rose at BRAWL Summer Showdown.
– August 7th, Katalina competed in a 4-Way for the vacant RPW Women’s Title.
– August 8th, Katalina won a 3-Way on ACW Proving Ground.
– August 11th, Katalina defeated Aja Perera to win the vacant ACW Women’s Title.
– August 18th, Katalina won the FTPW Ladies Title by winning a 4-Way.
– August 25th, Katalina challenged Aspyn Rose for the IGNITE Women’s Title.
– September 19th, Katalina retained the ACW Women’s Title against Aspyn Rose.
– October 17th, Katalina defended the title against Avery Taylor.
– October 20th, Katalina lost the FTPW Ladies Title to Ava Storie in a 3-Way.
– November 3rd, Katalina retained the ACW Women’s Title against Avery Taylor.
– November 25th, Katalina defeated Serenity Valek at TBPW Deadlocked.
– December 1st, The Dynasty (Katalina & Kennedy Kendrick) defeated Jake Jones & Avery Taylor at ACW Yuletide Beatings ’18.
– December 5th, Katalina lost the ACW Women’s Title to Avery Taylor.
– December 7th, Katalina challenged Avery Taylor for the title.
– January 20, 2019, Katalina lost to Lexi Gomez at BRAWL Fast Pass Rumble ’19.
– January 25th, Katalina, Lexi Gomez & Stormie Lee lost to Red Velvett, Janai Kai & Avery Taylor at the LOW Anti-Bullying Wrestlefest.
– February 2nd, Katalina competed in a 3-Way for the ACW Women’s Title.
– February 16th, Katalina & KiLynn King lost to Skyler Moore & Marina Tucker at IGNITE Destiny.
– February 24th, Katalina defeated La Brava at TBPW Turning Point.
– March 29th, Katalina lost to Sofia Castillo by DQ at GCW 5: Live Forever.
– June 4th, Katalina challenged Lena Taylor for the RPW Women’s Title.
– June 12th, Katalina defeated Lexi Gomez on ACW Proving Ground.
– July 10th, Katalina defeated Janai Kai in a Street Fight on ACW Proving Ground.
– August 3rd, Katalina challenged Avery Taylor for the ACW Women’s Title.
– August 28th, Katalina defeated Stormie Lee on ACW Proving Ground.
– September 7th, Katalina defeated Thunderkitty at ACW Dangerous Intentions ’19.
– September 28th, Katalina defeated Avista Varlowe at ACW Second Watch.
– October 12th, Katalina & Persia Pierce defeated Marina Tucker & Lexi Gomez at WXW Fall Fever ’19.
– October 19th, Katalina lost to Stormie Lee at ACW/WWN Hallowreckoning ’19.
– October 26th, Katalina lost to Janai Kai at PPW Halloslam ’19.
– November 1st, Katalina lost to Natalia Markova at FIP in Full Force ’19.
– January 18, 2020, Katalina won a 3-Way at BRAWL Fast Pass Rumble ’20.
– January 25th, Katalina defeated Liana Dos Santos at TBPW Lethal Legacy.
– February 12th, Katalina challenged Rahne Victoria for the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title.
– February 15th, Katalina challenged Lindsay Snow for the USA Pro Women’s Title.
– March 11th, Katalina defeated Ellie on ACW Proving Ground.
– October 21st, Katalina lost to Anna Jay on AEW Dark.
– November 19th, Katalina lost to KiLynn King on AEW Dark.
– November 29th, Katalina defeated Sadie Lee Moss on AWE LOUD.
– January 7, 2021, Katalina & Tesha Price lost to Ivelisse & Diamante on AEW Dark.
– January 21st, Katalina lost to Leyla Hirsch on AEW Dark.
– January 23rd, Katalina lost to Chelsea Durden on SHINE 66.
– March 3rd, Katalina lost to Abadon on AEW Dark.
– March 30th, Katalina lost to Haley J on OVW TV.
– April 7th, Katalina & Leila Grey lost to Tay Conti & Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark: Elevation.
– April 18th, Katalina defeated Sahara Seven at the Mayhem on Mills the 2nd Anniversary Show.

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