Acey Romero Tested Positive For COVID-19 Earlier This Month

May 17, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore podcast (via Fightful, Acey Romero revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month and experienced some bad symptoms for a few days. Romero has been appearing on Impact Wrestling events, the latest of which were pre-taped last month.

He said: “I tested positive about 11 days ago. I feel I’m pretty lucky because I only had three bad days and one really bad day where I felt the grim reaper was coming for me. The extent of things I’m going through is fevers, I haven’t had a fever in like five years. It was like 102, 103 fever. Body aches, trouble breathing. My breathing is not the worst, but not the best. I have a personal trainer and my cardio was really good, but now I walk up a flight of steps and I get blown up. I’m nervous to get back in the gym. Someone told me I’m going through the worst of it, I just have to get through it. I’m in good spirits. Every day since Wednesday, I’m getting better. I can’t taste or smell right now. Hopefully, that comes back and my breathing regulates to be more normal to where it was. Other than that, I consider myself very lucky because I know it could have gotten way worse.“

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  1. DB says:

    If anyone who knows Acey is reading this, let him know that that zinc deficiency can be a contributing factor in loss of taste and smell. Zinc is used by the body to combat coronaviruses, which does get depleted in the body’s immune system trying to prevent the virus from multiplying.
    And always consult with your doctor first to ensure you are recommended the correct dosage to complement other treatments you may already be on.

  2. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Is that the 600 lb dude? I’d be more worried about a heart attack

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