GCW Draft Day Report

May 15, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Game Changer Wrestling presents Draft Day live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Welcome to the report by Gerweck.net or GWN!

The show opens up with Kevin Gill in the ring while the song Natural Born Killaz is playing as everyone pays tribute to the life and memory of New Jack with a 10 Bell Salute.

Commentators for the night are Kevin Gill (also the ring announcer for the night), HTG & Ron Funches. Joey Janela was the guest commentator for the first matchup.

Match #1: Jack Cartwell defeated Jimmy Lloyd with the Cedar Point Corkscrew.

Match #2: Chris Dickinson defeated Bad Boy Tito with the Brainbuster. After the match Dickson grabs the mic and says people wanna know where all the great Wrestlers are, well he knows some in the west coast. He then has the audience give a round of applause for Tito. They then cheer for him and clap and then Tito lays out Dickinson as the audience chants “Fuck You Tito”.

A promo package airs for Jordan Oliver as he was 9-0 before spring break and now he’s 0-2 after spring break so will he come through tonight in his matchup? Stay tuned and find out here on GWN!

Match #3: Jordan Oliver defeated Ricky Marvin with a springboard cutter.

Match #4: Lio Rush defeated Starboy Charlie with the bottom rope springboard stunner. After the match both wrestlers shake hands to show respect for one another.

Match #5 Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, 1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) defeated The Unguided (Damian Drake & Matt Vandagriff) & Eli Everfly in a Hardcore Tornado Six Man Tag Team Match as Everfly took a Superplex through two doors, a diving body splash & a moonsault all in order to take the loss.

The announcers happened to mention that Supreme will be getting inducted into the Deathmatch Hall of Fame as his daughter Sage Sin will be inducted him. Congratulations to Supreme, I truly believe he deserves this accolade. RIP!!

The show takes a 15 minute break because the video feed had some issues during the last matchup. We then see a recap of GCW Ashes to Ashes as Atticus Cogar took on Tony Deppen (they actually air the match which is a very Lynn & RVD connection in my opinion). Atticus came out with the win. He pulled out an amazing reverse tombstone into a flipping piledriver so I recommend everyone go see that. Now we are back to the show as our next matchup begins now!

Match #6: Shlak defeated Juicy Finau after he smashed a half of a door over his head and then multiple chair shots to the head in this brutal big man hardcore match.

Match #7: Effy defeated Dark Sheik in a Hardcore match after rolling her up with the inside cradle after reversing the figure 4 leglock. After the match the fans chant for a rematch.

Match #8: Joey Janela defeated Allie Katch in a anything goes match after he hit a diving double stomp through the door on Allie. After the match a lot of wrestlers from backstage came out to check on Allie. The fans cheer her on afterwards.

Match #9: Nick Gage defeated AJ Gray with the choke breaker to retain the GCW World Championship after an all out war in a hardcore matchup. After the match Jon Moxley storms the ring but gets a DDT by Gage and then they both brawl through the arena. The staff separate them both as the show comes to a end.

****My review for this event is it’ll probably be the best event this weekend for sure. I was never bored once tonight (even the recap matchup they shown blew me away at times). GCW live with the fans brings back so many memories while watching ECW while growing up. Everyone tonight gave it their all and nothing but love and respect go out to them. MLW likes to say they are hybrid wrestling but GCW definitely earns that term after this show (with high flying spectacles, hardcore wrestling, technical wrestling, intergender wrestling and some deathmatch mixed in). So to cut this short I’ll give this show an “A” rating. Even though the camera feed messed up a little in the 6-Man Tag Team match, this is a show I would like to share with friends and family so support the indies and support GCW by getting the replay today (available on FITE TV). Rock On! from GWN!

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