Charlotte Flair apologizes for liking tweet on Israel, Kayla Braxton comments on cancel culture

May 14, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Charlotte Flair and Kayla Braxton both took some heat on social media yesterday due to recent tweets, but their supporters are also backing them up.

Flair’s criticism came after she “liked” a tweet that Israeli actress Gal Gadot posted on Wednesday. The Wonder Woman star tweeted a statement about the current Israel – Palestine conflict, which escalated today after the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) began ground operations in Gaza to fight Palestinian militant group Hamas, and the PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad). Gadot wrote how her country is at war, and how Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation, as do their neighbors. She ended her statement by praying for a solution so both sides can live in peace, and praying for better days. Gadot ended up disabling public replies on the tweet due to the backlash she received.

Flair “liked” the tweet but later un-liked it after fans criticized her for supporting Israel. Flair then took to Twitter and apologized, claiming she accidentally hit the like button on the tweet.

“Holy crap it was a pocket like. I’m sorry,” Flair wrote after un-liking Gadot’s tweet.

In a move that was seen as supporting Flair, Braxton took to Twitter the next morning and called out cancel culture.

She wrote, “Can we go one day without the need to cancel someone for saying or doing something we don’t personally agree with?”

Braxton and Flair have not made any additional comments on the matter, but fans continue to chime in with support for various beliefs. You can see their full tweets below:

5 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    So wanting peace is a bad thing now? Something to be ashamed of?

  2. Yeang Weoh says:

    I’m not sure what is “wrong” with what she did.

  3. Joe A says:


    The side that is bombing children and stealing people’s homes also wants peace? Does that make sense to you?

  4. Really? says:

    Three options here:
    1. She was actually telling the truth and didn’t mean to hit the like button. OK, sure.
    2. Yes, she is entitled to an opinion and has a right to express it. But maybe also recognize that she is not an expert on what is a much more complex historical and geopolitical issue than media types and politicians on either side would have you believe and forgo taking a public stand that will tick some people off no matter what it is, which isn’t good for building a fan base? OR…
    3. Stand by the fact that you said what you said (or liked what you liked in this case) and not go into backpedaling sort-of apology mode at the slightest whiff of pushback. You know, like the person with a spine she plays on TV.

    Any of these are viable options with different degrees of risk and credibility straining. Just depends on how she wants to play it.

  5. Luke says:

    @Joe A
    How exactly did you come to the conclusion that she supports bombing children and stealing people’s homes?

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