Cody Rhodes Lets Trademark Application Lapse

May 13, 2021 - by James Walsh

While Cody Rhodes will be competing as “The American Dream” against Anthony Ogogo at AEW Double or Nothing, he has reportedly abandoned the trademark. As reported earlier, Rhodes is set to face Ogogo at the PPV and announced on tonight’s Dynamite that for one night only, he wouldn’t be “The American Nightmare” but instead “The American Dream.”

Rhodes had filed a trademark application for the name, which his father used, back in March of 2019 but had it given an initial refusal by the USPTO stating that sufficient documentation had not been provided. Wrestling Inc reports that the USPTO issued a notice on March 31st that the application is abandoned, noting:

The application is abandoned because applicant’s response to the final Office action dated 7/10/2020 is not complete for the reason(s) stated below.

In this case, applicant did not (1) raise a new issue, (2) resolve all outstanding issue(s) in the final Office action, (3) provide any new or compelling evidence with regard to the outstanding issue(s), or (4) present analysis and arguments that were persuasive or shed new light on the outstanding issue(s). Additionally, applicant did not timely file a notice of appeal and no time remains in the response period.

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