Chelsea Green sent cease & desist letter over podcast title

May 12, 2021 - by Staff

Former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green has changed the name of her new podcast after receiving a Cease & Desist letter from an unknown party.

Green launched her “50 Shades of Green” podcast in late April following her WWE release. She took to Twitter on Tuesday and revealed that she received a Cease & Desist order, apparently over the name of the podcast. She has now changed the name of the podcast to the “Green with Envy” show.

Green did not say who sent her the C&D, but it could be related to the popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” book/movie series, but that has not been confirmed. Green filed to trademark the “50 Shades of Green” name for merchandise and various entertainment uses back on April 21.

Green first revealed the C&D on Tuesday evening when she tweeted, “Have you really made it if you haven’t been hit with a Cease & Desist?”

Before that her official podcast Twitter account wrote, “Oh boy do I have some tea for you all…”

Green’s podcast Twitter account then tweeted a temporary new logo and wrote, “Cease & desist this fuckers!”

Green re-tweeted the new logo and wrote, “New name. Same podcast. Can’t stop me!! #GreenWEnvyPod”

She added in another tweet, “As if I haven’t had a hard enough month [upside-down face emoji] but it’s all good, it gives me more sh*t to talk on next weeks episode of 50 shades… oops I mean @GreenWEnvyPod [rotfl emoji]”

Green later revealed on the show account that she will discuss what happened with the C&D on next week’s podcast episode.

“OH, WE HAVE HAD THE SWERVE OF A LIFETIME TODAY! You better believe I’m diving into all of this on next weeks episode… fuck what I already recorded! This tea is HOT. [hot face emoji] #GreenWEnvyPod,” she wrote.

It’s believed that this C&D is not related to WWE. Green has not elaborated on the order, but speculation is that this is likely related to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” brand.

Green was released from her WWE contract back on April 15, along with other budget cuts. She will be free to sign with any pro wrestling company after her 90-day non-compete clause with WWE expires on Wednesday, July 14.

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