Update on Humberto Carrillo’s status following bad bump

May 11, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Humberto Carrillo is said to be alright after the bad bump that abruptly ended Monday’s RAW match with WWE United States Champion Sheamus.

As noted before, the WrestleMania Backlash go-home edition of RAW featured Sheamus vs. Carrillo in singles action. The match ended after Carrillo delivered a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the apron to the floor, right in front of the announcers. Sheamus and Carrillo landed bad with Sheamus crashing down on Carrillo’s knee.

In an update, multiple sources at RAW have reported that Carrillo was “OK” after the bad finish, according to PWInsider. There is no word yet on if he was checked out for any injury, or if he will miss any ring time.

It was reported earlier that this was not the planned finish for the Sheamus vs. Carrillo match. After the bad landing, Carrillo signaled for the referee and was then checked out, leading to the match being stopped.

There had been some speculation on the actual finish to the match as Sheamus had his arm raised by the referee after the bout was stopped. The official WWE website notes that Sheamus won the match via referee stoppage.

WWE wrote, “After suffering several brutal assaults at the hands of Sheamus in recent weeks, Humberto Carrillo battled The Celtic Warrior in a hard-fought matchup. However, before a winner could be decided, Carrillo’s high-risk maneuver backfired and left him unable to continue.”

Carrillo and Sheamus have not commented on the finish as of this writing.

Stay tuned for more on the Carrillo vs. Sheamus feud. Below are several photos and videos from the bout:

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