Ricky Starks suffers neck injury on recent AEW Dynamite

May 11, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

AEW star Ricky Starks has reportedly suffered a broken neck.

Starks reportedly suffered the fractured neck during the April 21 Dynamite loss to Hangman Page, according to Voices of Wrestling. The injury reportedly occurred when Starks landed on his head from a release German suplex.

Starks is expected to miss around 3 months of in-ring action, but is also expected to continue to appear on AEW TV in some capacity. Doctors reportedly believe that Starks’ neck will heal without needing surgery.

It’s interesting to note that Starks has wrestled since the match with Page. He and Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Brick Aldridge and Aaron Frye at the AEW Dark tapings the night after the match with Page.

Starks has not commented on the injury but he did tweet what appears to be an x-ray photo earlier today, as seen below. He also told a fan back on April 21 that he was “good” following the match with Page. He made a follow-up tweet after that match and thanked DDP Yoga for his flexibility.

Stay tuned for more on Starks’ AEW status. You can see the related tweets below:

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  1. fairfax says:

    Oh no. Say it’s not so. Ritchie Sharts broke his. Best of luck with future endeavors. Maybe Ritchie should call Altanta and see if he can go back to work with Public Access Wrestling….P.A.W. doesn’t have the budget that “Daddy” let’s his little guy blow on Done-o-mite but the Public Access guys do have better booking. Who doesn’t. But Ritchie Sharts was just another wrestler that Daddy bought for his special guy
    for his wrestling club….of course Sheer Kahn still thinks his Special Guy needs to grow up and get a real job, move out of his house and at least try talking to a real life female…in person….even if he had to pay for it. But his Mother spoils her Little Man and encourages it. Either way…Ritchie Sharts isn’t gonna be missed.

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