Quinn McKay On Her ROH In-Ring Debut, New Women’s Division, more

May 10, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with My Big Break (via Fightful), Quinn McKay spoke about starting out as a wrestler only to become an interview during her time in Ring of Honor. Here are highlights:

On transitioning from wrestling to interviewing: “When I came into Ring of Honor, I didn’t have much experience. I had a handful of matches and by the time I was on TV, ECWA was my last match, so I had ten matches total when I got signed to ROH. I didn’t have a ton of experience, but I think I had a lot of potential. I was training to wrestle and got invited to be a wrestler. The opportunity came up to be a backstage interviewer and it wasn’t so much of a tryout, it was just, ‘we want to see if you can do this and if you don’t do well, no hard feelings, you’re still training to wrestle.’ I kind of knocked it out of the park and even I was surprised because it was never my strong suit.”

On if she’ll wrestle in ROH again: “It’s overwhelming in general because I feel the weight and that everything is going to change. If I don’t take it one day at a time, I start to have a meltdown. I would like say, as someone who consistently has too much on my plate, that I would like to continue to be a broadcaster and a host and an interviewer and continue to work in the ring, but is that physically possible and something someone can do on a full-time schedule? I don’t know. I’ll just take it one day at a time.”

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