Lizzie Thorne

May 10, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Pro Debut: 2018
Trained By:
Finishing Move:


– August 18, 2018, Lizzie competed in a Gauntlet at MPX All Eyes on Us.
– September 1st, Lizzie lost to Angel Blue at MPX Abuse of Power.
– September 15th, Lizzie & Baby D defeated Angel Blue & Livi La Vida Loca at MPX Die Hard.
– October 6th, Lizzie lost to Larry Canis at MPX Hell to Pay.
– October 27th, Lizzie won a Battle Royal at DCW Nightmare at the Elks Lodge.
– December 1st, Lizzie won a 4-Way at DCW Baby It’s Cold Outside.
– January 5, 2019, Lizzie won a 5-Way at Sabotage War of the Genders III.
– May 4th, Lizzie, CJ Ward, Larry Canis & Tatum Manning lost to Dave Segan, Tommy Becker, Ryan Remington & Jamie Oller at MPX May the Fourth be With You.
– May 23, 2020, Lizzie & James Johnson defeated Wesley Crane in a Handicap match at MPX Prison Break.
– June 13th, House Segan (Lizzie, Dave Segan, James Johnson & Byron Anthos) defeated Team Dalton (Andy Dalton, Ashton Jacobs, Brent McKenzie & Jaxon Stone) in a Hateful Eight match at MPX The Hateful Eight.
– July 25th, Lizzie lost a 3-2-1 match to Ashton Jacobs at MPX Fight Win Survive – Tag 1.

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