Review of Drew McIntyre’s Autobiography: A Chosen Destiny

May 9, 2021 - by staff

by Alan Wojcik

The 1st Scottish born WWE Heavyweight champion DREW “MCINTYRE” GALLOWAY has done lots on Earth since he arrived in 1985. So naturally he chose to put pen to paper (with help from Sarah Edworthy) to tell the fans all about the journey in A CHOSEN DESTINY: MY STORY (Gallery Books, May 4th, $27.00, 270pp.)

Let’s get the people looking for gossip out of the way. If you came hoping for tidbits on his marriage/divorce from former WWE star Taryn Terrell, do not buy the book. He covers the entire relationship in one paragraph, so there’s that and we’re moving onward. Now to the good stuff. Everything you witnessed in the WWE Network documentary on Drew’s journey to WrestleMania immortality is covered and then some. Fans seem to forget Drew was barely 22 years old and had only been in America a few weeks when he debuted on WWE television. He packs a lot in before that moment like helping create what today is the modern UK wrestling scene.

The on-screen stuff about his friendship with Sheamus is covered along with meeting current TV announcer Wade Barrett, as is the WWE tryout process the trio underwent in the UK. Drew is big hearted person and it shows when he talks about his family especially his mom who battled decades long health issues. He also goes into the life on the road he chose to live during his 3MB days and how he feels it contributed to the dreaded phone call from talent relations.

Time for full disclosure, I met Drew during his time away from WWE and found him to be a wonderful chat. We met over a few events for the now defunct Evolve promotion. I also got to meet his wife Kaitlyn and their relationship highs/lows are covered beginning in chapter 19. Go out of your way to find online footage of Drew’s time in ICW (Scotland), TNA and Evolve so you can truly understand how he got back into WWE in April 2017. This book takes the reader through Drew’s experience of the COVID pandemic nearly trapping him in England and back to the Performance Center where “the Chosen One became THE ONE.” This is a must grab for the wrestling fan in your life. Heck buy it for someone who is going through a rough time during the pandemic. Drew’s life journey is inspiring for all.

If you already do not, check Drew out on USA Network Mondays 8pm. He is active on social media through @DMcIntyreWWE on Twitter. Thanks to Jennifer Robinson of Gallery Books for the opportunity to review this wonderful book. Alan Wojcik’s coverage of wrestling/sports entertainment can be followed through @MyNameIsWojcik on Twitter and

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