Damian Priest talks Undertaker and his future

May 7, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Damian Priest recently spoke with Revolver Magazine and talked about being a fan of The Undertaker when he was younger.

Priest took to Instagram in June 2020 and posted a photo from when he met Taker at an autograph signing 22 years ago, along with a photo of when he met Taker backstage at a WWE event last year. You can see that photo below. Priest recalled the signing to Revolver and talked about getting the chance to pick Taker’s brain and work in the ring with him.

“So I met him at an autograph signing,” Priest said of the photo. “I paid to go meet him. I was a teenager and he was my idol. I remember there was a line and I was doing Undertaker impressions and I had people around me and it was cool. Then when I got up to him, I was so starstruck. I couldn’t even speak. And he started laughing, I’ll never forget that.

“It’s cool now that I got to pick his brain and get in the ring with him and move around with him. It’s the coolest thing. He was the introduction to my love for wrestling and I guess my love for music, which guided me to become a wrestler.”

Priest was also asked about what’s next for him in wrestling and beyond.

“Man, I can’t think of anything except the moments,” Priest said. “That’s what we do, we create moments. I say it all the time where I want my name Damian Priest to live forever. To do that, you have to achieve a lot of things. You can’t just get the job — you have to special and for your name to stand the test of time. I’m on the right track having WrestleMania moments, but now it’s like I need another moment to top it, I need special attraction matches, I need main events. Of course, I need to win some championships, and that’s what’s coming forward.

“After that, the coolest thing I can think of is having a sweet metal band play me to the ring. [Laughs] That’s definitely a goal.”

Priest then named Metallica as the sweet metal band he’d like to play his entrance.

You can see the photos of Taker and Priest below:

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