5/6/21 NXT UK Report

May 6, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Welcome to BT Sport Studios as NXT UK is in London, England. Our commentators for the night are Nigel McGuinness & Andy Shepherd. Francesca Brown will be the ring announcer.

The show opens up with our No DQ Loser Leaves NXT UK main event as Amir Jordan vs. Kenny Williams.

Match #1: Ilja Dragonuv defeated Dave Mastiff after the referee stopped the match due to Mastiff not being able to finish competing after he became bloodied from a stiff forearm smash by Ilja.

Next up we see the competitors for the #1 Contendership Gauntlet next week for the NXT UK Women’s Title. They are Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Isla Dawn, Jinny & Emilia McKenzie. Also their video packages air separately throughout the episode.

We then see Sid Scala talking to Kenny Williams about the match tonight and he says I know because I chose the match and Amir Jordan will be off this brand after tonight.

We see a video package for Stevie Turner (FKA Bobbi Tyler).

After the break they try to interview Ilja Dragonuv, he said that Mastiff wanted to help him but his lack of self control has consequences. Things have to change.

Gallus is up next and then Rampage Brown shows up and asks where Joe Coffey is, Wolfgang then says I’m here though so they’ll be soon having a matchup.

Supernova Sessions (with Noam Dar & Sha Samuels) is next as our guest this week is Nathan Frazer. They seem happy because they’ve already had them on the show. They then ask what’s so different about him now and what he has learned here in NXT UK. They then laugh at him again. Samuels then asks him who he thinks he is because he isn’t a true British wrestler. He says he’ll drown in the ring with a real British wrestler. Dar agrees with him, he even says he couldn’t last in a Heritage Rules match with either of them as Dar will be going up against Frazer after Samuels agreed to the challenge.

Sid Scala is next seen talking to Amir Jordan about his match tonight.

A SubCulture vignette for Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna airs next.

A video package of the matchups for Tyler Bate & A-Kid airs as they’ll be having the rubber match soon as the Heritage Cup will also be on the line.

Match #2: Trent Seven defeated Saxon Huxley with a 7 Star Lariat. (During the match Sam Gradwell shows up on the screen and disrespects Seven by tryin to distract him).

During the break Amale was viciously attacking Xia Brookside in the locker room.

Next week Noam Dar will be going up against Nathan Frazer in a Heritage Rules match.

Match #3: Kenny Williams defeated Amir Jordan in a No DQ match as Amir Jordan will now have to leave NXT UK. Williams hit Jordan with a headlock driver on a chair to win the match. After the match Jordan is distraught in the ring but the audience cheers him on.

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