5/5/21 MLW Fusion Report

May 5, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Welcome to MLW Fusion in Orlando, Florida. The commentators for the night are Ray Flores & Jared St. Laurent. Tim Barr will be the ring announcer.

This will be the last episode of Fusion until they begin taping again on July 10th, so get your tickets now as they’ll be at the 2300 Arena in Philly.

The show opens up with promos from Lio Rush & Myron Reed as they’ll main event tonight in a title match for the MLW World Middleweight Championship.

Match #1: Laredo Kid defeated Gringo Loco with a somersault belly-to-belly suplex for the pinfall.

We see a recall of Salina de la Renta being kidnapped by one of El Jefe’s masked men last week.

Next a recap of the first matchup between Myron Reed & Lio Rush airs. (We’ll be seeing a lot more of them throughout the episode).

Alex Hammerstone discusses how he just watched Josef Samael decline his challenge for a shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Title. Hammerstone said he was to punch some walls and destroy some stuff but that’s what Samael wants. He won’t give him the satisfaction. He wants to know why Samael won’t let him challenge Fatu for the title because Fatu isn’t scared of shit so that means that Josef might be scared that his reign will come to an end.

This Saturday MLW will be on Vice TV at Noon. They’ll begin the new season on July 10th in Philadelphia. September 11th, MLW will make its way to Dallas & November 6th they’ll arrive in Chicago.

Alicia Atout announces that there will be a open draft held for MLW as Vice TV wants a bigger roster. Also she said that Samael can decline any challenge regarding Fatu’s championship but when it comes to the Battle Riot, whomever wins it will get a title shot.

The Von Erichs are up next on how they congratulate each other for their matches last week. Marshall makes a promise that there is a reckoning coming on July 10th in Philly as he’ll finish this rivalry with Tom Lawlor.

Match #2: Richard Holliday defeated Ariel Dominguez with the 2008 for the pinfall. After the match Alicia Atout tries to interview him but then Gino Medina interrupts him. He then tells him to go in the back to at least respect her. He then goes but jumps Holliday from behind. He finishes with he didn’t fire me, I quit bitch before DDTing him on the floor.

Next up Saint Laurent runs down the PWI Top #10 for the MLW World Heavyweight Title:

#10 Rocky Romero
#9 Ross Von Erich
#8 Calvin Tankman
#7 Myron Reed
#6 Mil Muertes
#5 Richard Holliday
#4 Mads Krügger
#3 Lio Rush
#2 Tom Lawlor
#1 Alexander Hammerstone

Match #3: Myron Reed defeated Lio Rush with the No Cap Splash to win the MLW World Middleweight Championship. After the match other #Injustice members Calvin Tankman & Jordan Oliver come out to celebrate.

Next we see that El Jefe is the former Dario Cueto from Lucha Underground as he is building a new temple and July 10th they’ll be there as well as a mysterious caller on the phone.

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