Sin Cara says Latin American stars are not given a chance to succeed in WWE

May 3, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Cinta de Oro (formerly Sin Cara and Hunico) said that Latin American stars are not given a chance to succeed in WWE and talked about how they deserve an opportunity. Here are highlights:

On Latin American stars in WWE: “I never wanted to get into this conversation, but I feel like we need to now. It’s true. With everything that is going on in the world, the Latinos or Mexicanos can never really join forces to do something powerful. It’s always been other people. You can see what’s happened nowadays when the Black Lives Matter movement started. It was great to see all them join together and do something positive for everybody, for the community. And when that happened everybody in WWE was a champion, right? Bobby Lashley, New Day, all those guys. Which is great, they’re good friends of mine and I love them, but what about us? We want a shot. We want an opportunity.”

On WWE’s treatment of talent: “You realize certain things. Now that Andrade asked for his release, they kept Santos Escobar as champion last week. Now they took the championship off him, and they made Raquel [Gonzalez] a champion in NXT. Which is great, you know, I understand. But why do you have to wait until something like that happens to give an opportunity to the Latinos, to the Mexicanos, because something negative came out about your company? It’s very obvious, and it’s very sad for a lot of the boys that are there right now.

On talent who have yet to get pushed in WWE: “For Angel Garza, for [Humberto] Carrillo, for Lince [Dorado], for Kalisto, for [Gran] Metalik. All those guys are very talented. They can give excuses for certain things, like, ‘Oh, he isn’t physically fit.’ Look at Kalisto! Kalisto is in the best shape of his life, and he hasn’t wrestled in like 180 days on television. Look at Metalik. Metalik was a world champion wherever he went. In Japan, in Mexico, he’d hold like five, ten titles at the same time for one time in his career. He has never done anything close to that in WWE. Garza was an independent worker that was well-known all over the place, doing a lot of things. Carrillo is an amazing talent. He’s a young kid who can wrestle well, but unfortunately they don’t give those guys an opportunity to really succeed. It’s tough, it’s a tough situation, but now people can see I didn’t leave because of my ego or because I thought I was better than anybody else. I just wanted a shot.”

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  1. John Johnson says:

    The problem isn’t that they aren’t being given chances or opportunities. The problem is that they aren’t connecting with the crowd.

    Take Andrade for example. They bring him in, push him as a legitimate star, yet he wasn’t able to connect with the audience. Happened both in NXT and the main roster.

    Kalisto, both Sin Caras, Angel Garza. All were given opportunities, but they didn’t connect.

    If Latin American stars aren’t given opportunities, then it’s just a figment of people’s imagination that Eddie, Rey and ADL all held world titles.

    And to claim the success of the New Day and Bobby Lashley is because of BLM, WTF?!? New Day has been near the top of the Tag Division well before BLM, and Lashley was missing only one piece to take him over the top in WWE, even in his original run. He finally got that piece when he was paired with MVP.

  2. Hans Maulwurf says:

    Latin Americans not given chances? Not connecting with the crowd? -laughs in Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero-

  3. What? says:

    On one hand, using Rey and Eddie’s title runs from 10+ years ago to refute his point kind of proves his point. On the other hand, given that Vince still makes most of the title decisions maybe there would be more opportunities if there was someone with the talent and charisma that was over 200 pounds to carry a title on a show without a cruiserweight title.

    On the BLM thing, who knows? It’s certainly possible, likely even, that The Hurt Business/Lashley, New Day, Big E, Apollo, etc. got a little extra consideration in the last year. But there’s no way I’m going to say they weren’t deserving of that consideration, especially since New Day was there already and talented guys like Benjamin and Alexander might have remained lost in the shuffle otherwise.

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