Maria Kanellis says Stephanie McMahon’s support for women in WWE is more “promotional” than anything else

May 3, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


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Maria Kanellis stated that Stephanie McMahon’s advocacy for women in wrestling, such as the women’s revolution is more ‘promotional’ than anything else.

“So you have all these pointless pay-per-views, you have the opportunity to do a women’s empowerment pay-per-view and you don’t do it? I don’t get it. I don’t know how Stephanie McMahon deals with that. Like as a woman, I’ve been very outspoken about women’s wrestling and women in wrestling. It should come as no surprise that as a woman I couldn’t deal with that. If I had all that power in the industry I couldn’t deal with that. I have minimum power in this industry and I am fighting my tail off to create more opportunities. If I had that much power there would be a whole show plus a reality show that actually covers the girls live. Plus on top of that we would have a makeup line and be on the cover of Vogue saying: “Guess what? These women are badasses and they are beautiful in their own right.”

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    That’s because Steph has this idiotic mindset where she talks about women in creative, in Board positions, hell, the other day, she mentioned a camera worker, and that’s all fine and good, I’m not disagreeing with that, but what makes it idiotic is that she’s talking about things like it’s breaking the ceiling when they’ve all basically reintroduced the ceiling that greats like Mae Young, Chyna, Trish, etc etc, have previously broken. You know, the people who are the BREAD AND BUTTER for all those other people she mentions?

    And I’m all for another women’s PPV, but i think we all just moved on from the idea because we have resigned to the fact that it appears that rumor about only doing one if Ronda is around seems to be a valid rumor.

    Though, to play devil’s advocate, at least they listened about making Sasha/Bianca a main event match.

    Bottom line is, from what I hear, Steph is a nice person in public, you can come across and say hi and she’ll give you the time of day. But man, every time she opens her mouth in regards to the business, I groan.

  2. Steve says:

    Maria Kanellis has done nothing to advance women’s wrestling. No offense intended but its so much easier to say this person can do this and that. Kanellis has no clue , she just has an ax to grind even though she screwed the WWE by resigning lnowning she qas pregnamt and couldn’t fulfill her commitment

  3. Bob says:

    Maria needs to learn that the word IF is the biggest word in the dictionary,and by biggest I mean the word IF can do anything like if a bat had wings it could get bat p#$$y

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