Malia Hosaka: “we will never be rid of this virus”

May 3, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Malia Hosaka posted the following on her Facebook:

You call it entitlement, I call it personal personal choice. There is no absolute proof that the mask works. There are states who have not enforced the mask issue and their rate of infection per capita is the same or less than states that have been in lock down the entire time with mask mandates and fines for them. I am not a people person, but I also don’t cook, so when I am home by myself I eat out a lot. However, I am also not the “norm” for the human race. While many enjoy quiet time people are social by nature and to keep everyone in solitude is not good for mental health. Then there are those who have horrible home life, they are now forced to be imprisoned with their situation with no outlet for escape. Furthermore, the person/persons who may make it so bad are also confined making a bad situation worse.

It’s easy to stand on the outside and judge others, it’s easy to say they are the reason for this or that. But while some just don’t believe the mask works, others have legit reasons for not wanting to wear them that are incredibly personal, and sometimes even perpetuate feelings of shame or low self esteem within them.

Everyone wants to believe there will be an end to this “pandemic” but the fact is, we will never be rid of this virus. We will learn to live with it, manage it, even accept the deaths that come with it, but much like every other incurable disease, it will be with us and a fact of our reality until science evolves enough to eradicate it. Until the sheep stop listening to the wolves, we will be in this state of judgement against one another.

You say you’re sick of it all, we all say we’re sick of it all. But in actuality, the only one doing anything to change the injustice on personal choices are those “entitled assholes” who have finally said no more! Those who say, open the world and let’s get back to living, those who are willing to go about life without the fear of the mass media hysteria.

You have your right to wear a mask, you have your right to go out or stay home, you have your right to socialize or not, stop infringing on the rights of others. I shouldn’t have to stop my life because of what you fear. You don’t have to be around me if you are worried because I will not wear a mask when I don’t have to.


Respect….. it’s a 2-way street. I respect your rights to wear a mask, get vaccinated, stay home, go out, social or not. Have the decency to respect my rights to not wear a mask, not get vaccinated, to not stay home or be anti-social.

That is what is so wrong with things today, one side demands respect while disrespecting the opposition. We can have LBGT, BLM, Asian Awareness, but should someone be proud to be Caucasian and want to say WLM, they are racist. If they wear a badge, they are racist. If they are Christian they are prejudice.

We don’t have to agree, we can agree to disagree, and all the while respect one another. Stop being offended and try opening your mind to allowing others to have their opinions and values. If they are not harming you or yours, why should you get to dictate what they should think, feel, or believe?

Respect… learn what it actually is and try it.

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