Jericho talks Blood & Guts match and difference from WWE version

May 2, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Days before the scheduled Blood & Guts match on Dynamite, former AEW World champion Chris Jericho discussed the match on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Jericho said that Blood & Guts will be different than the WWE WarGames and even the WarGames match originally created by Dusty Rhodes. Jericho said that the company will be making it different from what we’re used to and that’s not just because they don’t own the rights for WarGames.

AEW will still use two rings and one enclosed cage, which is what WCW used for their WarGames. WWE decided to remove the top the cage for their WarGames for the NXT brand, allowing Superstars to perform high-flying moves from the top of the cage. Submission or surrender is also the only way to win Blood & Guts, while pinfalls are permitted in the WWE version.

And when it comes to the name, Jericho said that we can expect blood…but don’t expect any guts! “I don’t want to disappoint you guys but nobody’s going to be Hara-kiried with a samurai sword where you see the end-trails or anything like that,” Jericho said.

Blood & Guts take place this coming Wednesday on Dynamite.

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