Zelo Pro WrestleFest Report

May 1, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Welcome to WrestleFest!, presented by Zelo Pro Wrestling & Pabst Theater Group. We are coming to you live from the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Remember to #ZeloPro or #WrestleFest to support the future and current stars of professional wrestling. This is the return of Zelo Pro from a 7 month break. Tonight in the Main Event it’ll be a 6-Way Ladder match to determine the first ever Zelo Pro Champion.

Match #1: Country Air (Zach Hendrix & Doc Simmons) defeated Bang Bros (August Matthews & Davey Bang) after they hit the Air Buddies tag team finisher on Davey Bang for the pinfall. This rivalry is now 1-1, so a rubber match will be expected.

I will throw my personal input in towards the commentator. There is only one commentator tonight and he is pretty kick ass at announcing, I’m not sure what his name is yet but great work on his part. Very enjoyable.

Match #2: Brooke Valentine defeated Charlie Kruel with the Queen Bee Sting.

An ad from Physically Fit Chxn-Snx founder Kurt Angle airs next as they advertise the product & the event.

Match #3: Storm Grayson (w/ Nick Brubaker) defeated Jacob Dean with a pump knee strike after the distraction for the pinfall.

Match #4: Heather Reckless defeated Evil Sierra with the upset victory.

D-Ray joins commentary for the rest of the night (spoiler alert: I liked the solo guy more than the two man crew).

Match #5: Colt Cabana defeated Trevor Outlaw with the Superman pinfall. After the match, Frank the Clown comes out to recruit Outlaw. Originally by the way he spoke and the fans reactions we thought it would be Colt but Trevor would low blow Colt and the fans began to boo drastically. Frank then cuts a promo on how Trevor is a main eventer as they’ll take over Zelo Pro because Frank the Clown only comes out for main events & championships. He then gets into a argument with the fans.

Match #6: Hyan defeated Blair Onyx & Missa Kate as she scored the pinfall on Missa Kate after hitting a double underhook facebuster for the win. She is now the #1 Contender for the Zelo Pro Women’s Championship.

Match #7: Jordynne Grace defeated Laynie Luck with a o’conner roll pin to win the Zelo Pro Women’s Championship. Laynie was the champion for 635 days.

Remember to support the future of Pro Wrestling by #ZeloPro or #WrestleFest

Match #8: Jon Crowley defeated Joey Avalon with the pop up sit out Powerbomb. After the match they celebrate by drinking some brew.

Match #9: GPA defeated Egotistico Fantastico, Bryce Benjamin, Mason Conrad, CJ Esparza & Nick Brubaker (who was taken out by Jacob Dean at the beginning of the matchup) in a 6-Way Ladder match to become the first ever Zelo Pro Champion. After the match Laynie Luck shows up to raise the hand of her fiancee GPA. He then kisses her hand and they kiss as both of their hands are raised. (Notes to report, it seemed that Jordynne Grace would climb the ladder to become world champion in the match but Hyan came out to stop her, therefore GPA would climb the ladder to win).

Rating for the event will be a (A.) rating because I’ve seen a good bit of events this year but this brand came prepared. I was never bored and the talent were full throttle all the way. I knew 20% of this crew beforehand and now I wanna know them all so please check it out or if not log onto their website or hashtag them. I’m ARock, wrestle on!

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