Lance Storm comments on Mick Foley’s idea for an all-women’s brand in WWE

Apr 30, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Former WWE Superstar and Producer Lance Storm took to Twitter this afternoon with questions for WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley in regards to his idea of an all-women’s brand in WWE.

As noted earlier, Foley tweeted WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon and said an all-women’s brand in WWE needs to happen, “unless you want AEW to beat you to the punch.”

Storm responded to Foley’s tweet and said this seems to be a much more complicated decision as it could be a demotion for the female Superstars.

“Would the women no longer be on Raw & SD? I think this is a much more complicated decision. If the women (especially the top women) remain on RAW and SD then the all women’s show will struggle. If the all women’s show in on a lessor platform it will feel like a demotion,” Storm wrote.

One fan responded and said they wish WWE would just feature the women’s division more on the shows they already have, not do the same matches over and over, and give them more than 10-15 minutes per show.

Storm responded, “Booking everyone better on the current 7 hrs of weekly TV they have already, is always a good option.”

Another fan responded to Storm’s original reply to Foley and wrote, “Lol can’t they do both? It’s not like half of them are on TV anyway”

Storm responded, “Because if they book the ‘top’ female stars on Raw and SD, and feature the ‘other’ female talent on the ‘All women’s show’ it will not do as well, as the main shows that feature ‘top’ stars, and be used as proof that a female show isn’t viable.”

Foley has not responded to Storm’s comments but he did have interactions with Gail Kim and LuFisto over the idea. He also endorsed LuFisto for a potential coach/trainer job with WWE. You can see all related tweets below:

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