Malia Hosaka talks racism: “nor did I learn Asian stereotypes from Dr. Seuss”

Apr 29, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Mat veteran Malia Hosaka posted the following on her Facebook:

At what point will parents/people/liberals/democrats/republicans/idiots actually realize hate and racism are not taught and learned from graphics and animated cartoon characters in children’s shows/books. BOTH of these are learned from watching and listening to adults!! If you do nothing but scream about injustice without looking deeper into the actions that “caused” the “injustice” then that is all children will learn. They will not learn that there are consequences to actions. If all you do is look for racism, you will find it. And if all you chose to do is group people together based off jobs, race, religious views, sexual preference, etc it is what children will grow up doing. If you make “thug life” and gangs look cool they will want to be a part of it, regardless of the backgrounds they come from. If you show strippers and prostitution to be a quick and easy way to take advantage of men and earn money, that’s what your daughter will idolize and aspire to…

If we cannot show the children of tomorrow that a few evil people within a sector does not mean that everyone in that group is evil, how will they learn to look beyond, to look deeper at a person than the surface? If we cannot stand united and breech the divide, how will they? If YOU do not point out that a person’s actions have consequences how will they learn? Is the injustice, right? NO, but while screaming about the wrongs, take a moment and teach that while injust it was a consequence of THAT person’s actions and had person not done A second person may not have done B….. does that justify B? No, but it does share the responsibility of all that transpired.

It is adults who teach hate, racism, judgment etc not books and tv shows we all grew up watching. I can 100000000% tell you I don’t think French men are all rapists, Mexicans are all like Speedy Gonzalez, nor did I learn Asian stereotypes from Dr Seuss

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