4/29/21 Impact Report

Apr 29, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Welcome to Impact Wrestling. Tonight is the fallout from Rebellion. Our commentators for the night are Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown. David Penzer will be the ring announcer.

Our show opens with a recap of Rebellion from this past Sunday. After the video package the entire locker room is waiting outside of Scott D’Amore’s door. He then says I know that you all want a shot at Kenny Omega so go to the ring and I’ll address the situation. Don Callis then comes out of D’Amore’s office and says thanks for dealing with that. D’Amore then says if Kenny isn’t here tonight then he’ll be suspended.

We now show up in the ring as D’Amore congratulates Omega for winning the title and he congratulates the performance from Rich Swann as well. He mentions how normally when a champion loses his title he usually gets a rematch but since this past Sunday was a special moment there isn’t a rematch clause so he then says that May 15th at Under Siege there will be a 6-Way to determine the new #1 Contender for the Unified Impact Championship. He then says that if Omega doesn’t show up tonight then the match will be to crown He also says there will be qualifier matches each week leading up to Under Siege. He then brings Jake Something in the ring and says let’s get this thing started as his opponent will be the returning Chris Bey.

Match #1: Chris Bey defeated Jake Something with a dirty pinfall as Rohit Raju distracted him at ring side. Bey advances to the 6-Way at Under Siege.

After the match Callis is seen on the phone telling Omega to get here and take the jet. Sami Callihan shows up and says what’s up Jackal? He then says that they won’t see it coming but when Omega shows up he’ll take what’s his.

Gia Miller now interviews Taylor Wilde and how she feels. Wilde is so excited as she’s happy to be home. Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb show up and Tenille says she’s been looking for a partner for so long and it’s great she’s here. Wilde says that she isn’t the reason she came out of retirement.

Striker & Brown discuss the upcoming card for the night, Under Siege & matches made for next week are three qualifying matches:

Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju
Rhino vs. Chris Sabin
Moose vs. James Storm

Before the upcoming match W. Morrissey grabs the mic to say you may recognize my face but you don’t know who I am. Just like you don’t know those people in the back, the people in the back truly don’t care about the fans, they’re bad people. The entire business is filled with bad guys, the only difference between them and me is that I’m not afraid to admit it.

Match #2: W. Morrissey defeated Sam Beale with a Powerbomb.

Gia Miller interviews Kimber Lee, Deonna Purrazzo & Susan about how they feel about facing a former Impact Knockouts Champion. Kimber says exactly, she’s a former champion. Deonna says that she’ll stay in the back and watch from the sidelines. Miller then asks is there a reason why she doesn’t wanna be by their side? She then snaps at her and says that she has beat every knockout in this company and as she’s walking away Havok shows up and smiles down at her.

After the break Gia interviews Willie Mack on how he feels about W. Morrissey seemingly having animosity strictly towards him at Rebellion. Willie doesn’t understand how everyone shows up here and then wants to come at him but he doesn’t care because he’ll just roll with the punches. He then challenges W. Morrissey to a match at Under Siege.

Match #3: Taylor Wilde defeated Kimber Lee (w/ Susan) with a modified indian deathlock. After the match Susan jumps Wilde and then Tenille Dashwood comes out to hit her with the Spotlight Kick to help out Wilde.

Gia interviews D’Amore about the Kenny Omega situation, then Moose shows up and asks why is he making him jump through hoops to become the #1 Contender. Scott then says it’s one guy, it should be like a vacation for him. Moose then grabs Scott and says that he’ll hurt him or anyone that stands in his way of getting back what is his. James Storm then shows up and says he wanted to hurt Scott too back when he was with Team Canada and he was in AMW but now he’s the EVP of Impact so nothing he can do. Storm then says I guess you and I will have a little match next week.

Match #4: Josh Alexander retained the X-Division Championship against Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) via submission with a modified anklelock.

Callis is seen on the phone again as he’s happy to hear that Omega is in the air. Johnny Swinger & Hernandez show up as Swinger doesn’t have the $20,000 he owes him but he’ll get it to him. Callis then asks if he has a car because if he does then they’ll be square on the money situation if he can have one of Swinger’s stooges pick up Omega.

Gia now interviews the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace as they’re so happy to be teaming with one another and they are grateful for Jazz. The former champs show up as Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan let them know that at Under Siege they’ll get their rematch.

Match #5: Matt Cardona defeated Brian Myers with the Radio Silence. He now advances to the #1 Contendership 6-Way at Under Siege.

A vignette airs from Violent by Design as Eric Young talks about disappointment. The war they’re fighting for what they believe is a long fight ahead of them. Disappointment can inlist rage. Rhino will be victorious next week and take his place in the 6-Way at Under Siege.

A promo for El Phantasmo from NJPW airs as he’ll be arriving next week as he’ll compete in the Impact zone.

Match #6: Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards ended in a No Contest as Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers came out and attacked both me. FinJuice came out to help but the numbers were too much. Callis then grabs the mic and says that you wanted a celebration so you got him and got to see them take out these chumps. Enjoy your Impact World Champion.

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