4/28/21 MLW Fusion Report

Apr 28, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Welcome to MLW Fusion, taped in Orlando, Florida. Tonight’s commentators are Ray Flores & Jared St. Laurent. Tim Barr will be the ring announcer.

The show opens up with the rivalry between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor & The Von Erichs (Marshall & Ross) as tonight it’ll be Marshall going up against Tom Lawlor. Also Pro Wrestling Illustrated and found out more about Azteca Underground.

Match #1: Ross Von Erich (w/ Marshall) defeated Dominic Garrini (w/ Kevin Ku) with a modified kneeling falcon arrow. After the match all 4 men brawl it out and officials break it up before things escalate too fast.

This Saturday at Noon MLW will debut on Vice TV.

Next we see this week’s Pro Wrestling Illustrated as they go in depth on who Azteca Underground’s El Jefe could be.

We are then lead backstage as Tom Lawlor is furious over the results to the first match of the night. He then comes up with a plan as the break begins.

After the break we see how Lio Rush defeated Myron Reed to win the MLW World Middleweight Championship. Then we see all the ego filled promos from Rush leading up to their rematch on May 5th. Also as a reminder to everyone reading, MLW will be going on break until July 10th as love crowds will return as they’ll be taping at the 2300 Arena in Philly.

We then see Tom Lawlor as he hands referee Tim Donaghy a envelope full of money as he hopes he’ll make the right call tonight.

Match #2: Bu Ku Dao defeated Hijo de LA Park with the diving spinning flatliner. After the match Dao cuts a promo on how he loves TJP but he sent him home and he dedicated the recent win to his parents.

Alicia Atout is now discussing the new championship committee as Japan & RevPro will now be included as major players will now help determine some big championship fights for the next season.

Next Alicia interviews Marshall Von Erich about his match tonight but then Lawlor interrupts him and says he wants things to be on a level playing field after what he seen earlier tonight. He then has Tim Donaghy show up with a drug test because he isn’t strong enough to truly do a Iron Claw.

A huge hype package then airs as the Best Kept Secret will now be airing on Vice TV.

We then see Salina de la Renta being kidnapped from some of El Jefe’s men.

Myron Reed is then seen cutting a promo on Lio Rush as he doesn’t care about the title, MLW or the fans. He knows what he did wrong in the last match so he’s ready.

MLW Underground will begin airing again on May 12th.

Alex Hammerstone is now being interviewed by Alicia Atout on how he’s has the MLW National Openweight Title for 2 years. He said he’s never seen his name pop up on the internet as much until the fans asked who they’d like to see challenge Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. He says it’ll take one Nightmare Pendulum as he’ll take the title for him.

Alicia is now seen with Tom Lawlor as their waiting for the results for the drug test from Marshall. Tim Donaghy shows up and says he’s ready to go because he passed the test. Marshall then shows up and says here’s your test as he threw the cup into the face of Lawlor. Lawlor looks livid as we go to break.

Breaking news airs next as Lio Rush will be fined for now appearing for the press conference for the title match next week. Richard Holliday will be in action next week.

Josef Samael interrupts with a propaganda video as he says that when he broke into Court Bauer’s office he reworked some contract tidbits as he chooses who challenges Jacob Fatu for the World Title as they decline the challenge by Alex Hammerstone.

Match #3: Tom Lawlor (w/ Team Filthy) defeated Marshall Von Erich (w/ Ross) with a single leg crag to his injured knee. After the match Team Filthy attacked the Von Erichs. ACH would come out to help the Von Erichs as a brawl will ensue all through the arena at the show goes off the air.

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