John Cena praises The Miz in tweet promoting new WWE 24 doc

Apr 27, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

There are several Superstars whose words carry a lot of weight in this business, and a praise from former 16-time champ John Cena goes a long, long, way.

Cena made sure to tweet to his fans to watch the new WWE 24 documentary on The Miz. Released on Sunday, Cena wrote, “WATCH THIS NOW.” The two headlined WrestleMania 27 together and The Miz earned Cena’s respect along the way.

Talking about The Miz, Cena said that he is the definition of both passion and perseverance. “Underrated only in the eyes of ignorance. THE hardest worker I know. An inspiration to me and proof that REAL success takes earning every inch. Awesome doesn’t NOT do you justice,” Cena wrote, adding the hash tag #Respect.

WWE 24: The Miz is also the longest documentary in the whole series, running at 77 minutes, two more minutes than Edge: The Second Mountain.

The doc has been getting a lot of praise from peers and fans since it has been out available to stream on the WWE Network.

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