Halloween Set to Retire Due to Lumbar Damage

Apr 27, 2021 - by James Walsh

AAA and CMLL alum Halloween is set to go on a retirement tour due to damage to his back requiring his retirement. The legendary luchador spoke with La Tijera for a new interview and revealed that he’s suffered extensive lumbar damage and will be retiring soon at the age of 51.

You can see highlights from his comments below, per Azteca TV, translation thanks to Google Translate):

On the damage to his lumbars: “It turns out that the fourth lumbar is very injured, but the fifth lumbar, which is the one that totally moves your legs, is broken from corner to corner, as if it were just holding on by a string and at any moment it could break and I’d be left paralyzed in a wheelchair.”

On looking back on his career: “I definitely can’t fight anymore so Halloween is over. I lived through everything, good and bad things, but I think the most important thing was that in the 34-year career I never got into the ring and was foolish, I gave myself to wrestling, not 100 percent, at a thousand percent.”

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