Apr 25, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The show opens with a hype package..  AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega and Unified Impact World Champion, Rich Swann will face each other in a title unification match!  Fin Juice will face The Good Brothers for the tag straps. Tenille Dashwood will challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts belt.  It all happens now!

Match 1.  X Division Championship Triple Threat.  TJP VS Josh Alexander VS Champion Ace Austin (Madman Fulton)

This match promises to be a combination of science and flying with the threesome involved.

TJP takes an early advantage, taking Ace and Josh out on the outside.  Ace recovers and hurls himself to the floor onto both competitors.  Ace has no fear when it comes to going to the air.  Josh is down on the outside.  He hurls TJP back in the ring and ties him up, but the ref stops him from cutting TJP with his playing cards.  Josh recovers and stops further damage by attacking Ace.  TJP then attacks Josh, allowing Ace to hit several kicks to both.

Ace ends up trying to suplex TJP from the top rope, Josh sneaks behind and vertical suplexes them both from the top.  Fulton gives encouragement to Ace from the outside.  Josh gets flung to the outside.  TJP connects with a forearm to Ace.  He then hits the Mamba Splash on Ace, Josh breaks up the pin and locks on the ankle lock.  TJP reverses it and Josh locks it in on Ace.  TJP then switches to the octopus on Josh.. Ace is still in the ankle lock.

They eventually let go Ace hits a  Falcon Arrow on TJP.  Josh hits the Devine Intervention on TJP.  Ace makes the save.  Josh hits Ace several times, then sets him up on the top rope.  Ace slips free and goes for a ranna, but Josh reverses it into a ankle lock.  Meanwhile TJP lands on Josh with a Mamba Splash.  TJP gets tossed by Ace, but Josh recovers and hits the Devine Intervention on Ace for the win.

Winner and New X Division Champion, Josh Alexander.

Matt Stryker announces EY is injured.  We go to a vignette with Violent By Design setting up a 8 man tag.  We will have a mystery partner for Violent By Design.

Match 2.  James Storm, Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack VS Deaner, Rhino, Joe Doering and … W. Morrissey  (formerly Big Cass)

Morrissey is in fantastic shape.  Doering and Eddie Edwards start the match.  Doering pulls Eddie to his corner, but he escapes.  Sabin tags in quickly and handles Rhino.  Rhino tags Deaner and Storm also tags in.  Storm levels Deaner and throws him to his team.  He wants Morrissey. Storm and Morrissey go at it with neither really gaining an advantage until Morrissey backs him to his corner, then it goes down hill for Storm.  Deaner tags in and he hits Storm a few times.  Doering tags in and he levels Storm with a lariat.  Rhino checks in and hits a few clotheslines. Storm finally connects with a forearm.  Mack and Deaner tag in and it is all Mack.  He hits a sit out powerbomb.  Sabin tags in and Deaner gets crotched on the top rope.  Eddie throws Deaner to the outside, and he then dives on him.  Everyone enters the match and the fight explodes.  Eddie hits a powerbomb, then they all hit a series of finishers on him until Morrissey makes the save.  He then takes Sabin out on the apron.  Doering takes out Eddie on the outside with a clothesline.  Morrissey catches a diving Mack to the outside and drops him.  Sabin suplexes Deaner from the top rope to the outside.  They land on everyone.  EY is on the ramp yelling instructions.

Doering gets stunnered by Mack.  Morrissey sneaks behind and confronts Mack.  He hits the big boot off the ropes. He then hits the East River Crossing for the win.

Winners.  Violent By Design with W Morrissey.

Violent by Design stands on the ramp as Morrissey stands alone with his hand raised in the ring.  The former Big Cass, looked as good as he ever has tonight.

Video package for Matt Cardona VS Brian Myers airs next.

Match 3.  Brian Myers VS Matt Cardona

D’Lo and Stryker do a great job of giving the entire backstory of the relationship with these to long time partners and best friends.

Myers refuses a handshake and kicks Cardona to the outside.  Cardona drops Myers on the apron hard.  He then throws Myers over the barricade.  Myers recovers and then pulls Matt into the barricade in return.  He then rakes Cardona’s eyes as he is prone on the matt after being tossed back in.

Myers is in complete control.  He drops several elbows on Matt.  Myers starts working the neck to set up the Roster Cut finisher.  Matt finally gouges the eyes of Myers in self defense.  He then hits a few clotheslines.  Myers bails to the floor and Matt hits the Radio Silence on the ramp.  They both hit the ground hard.  Cardona tries to get Myers in the ring, but gets tripped to the floor.  Myers then hits a spear before throwing Matt back in.  He hits a elbow from the top rope for a two count.

Myers is frustrated.  He thought that was it.  Cardona then recovers and hits a Hot Mess (Unprettier).  Myers kicks out.  The reference was to Chelsea Green.  The girlfriend of Cardona and new free agent.  Cardona tries for a high knee and injures his knee badly.  Several refs enter to protect Cardona.  Myers helps him to his feet, only to clothesline him.  He then hits a running Roster Cut and gets the win.

Winner.  Brian Myers. 

Matt looks at Brian Myers with pure hatred.

Tony Khan, Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards show up and start talking about the match.  Scott D’Amore enters with Brian Hebner.  He says both refs should ref the title match.

A video package for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship airs next.

Match 4.  Fire and Flava (Champions) VS Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace (with Jazz)

Jazz is apparently the new manager of Ellering and Grace!  We will see what she brings to the table for her team.

Ellering and Tasha Steelz start it off.  Rachel is fresh off her time in Japan.  She started in Stardom overseas.  She overpowers Steelz and Hogan tags in.  Rachel’s power shines again.  She eventually tags in Grace, who is quite powerful herself.

The champs finally trick Grace into their corner and they double team her.  They hit a double kick and suplex.  Hogan goes to the apron and holds Grace from behind so Steelz has an advantage.  Hogan tags in and hits a running basement knee to the face.  The champs are isolating Grace on their side of the ring very well.

Hogan then kicks her partner by accident.  Grace hits a slam.   Ellering tags in and hits two jumping elbows.  She then hits a STO and a jumping spinning leg drop off the 1st rope.  She gets a two count,  Grace tags in and all four end up toppling on each other.  The champs eventually hit a double dropkick from the top rope.  Ellering spills to the floor.  They then try to suplex Grace, but Jordynne reverses and suplexes them both.  She then backdrops Steelz to the floor.  Steelz shifts her movement and hits a cutter on Ellering.   Hogan then dives on the ladies on the floor.

Hogan goes back in the ring with Grace.  Grace hits a clothesline.  Ellering tags in and goes for a roll up, but gets back elbowed.  The two trade blows until Ellering connects with a slam.  Nobody knows what to call it.. But Ellering gets the pin.

Winners and NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONS, Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering

A vignette for Trey Miguel VS Sami Callihan airs next.

Match 5.  Trey Miguel VS Sami Callihan…   LAST MAN STANDING MATCH

Trey catches Sami with two running dropkicks to start the match.  Callihan brushes it off and slams Trey from the ring to the arena floor.   That was sick!  The ref is already starting the 10 count to see if Trey can get up.

Sami goes to the outside and attacks Trey.  Trey hits Sliced Bread #2.  He then scissors Sami by the neck into the barricade.  Trey then launches himself from the middle ropes at Callihan.  Sami moves aside and Trey hits the guard rail hard.  The match just started.

This is a train wreck.

Sami  pulls a production box from the back and tries to crush Trey with is, but he moves away.  Sami then grabs Trey and powerbombs him on it.  Sami opens the box and pulls out a chain.  Trey blocks it.  Sami grabs a wrench and begins stuffing it in Trey’s mouth.

Sami loads the ring with chairs next.  He throws one at Trey for good measure.  Trey is on the floor, but Sami is busy getting a table from under the ring.  Finally he tosses Trey back in the ring.  Sami slowly re-enters as Trey tries to walk.  Sami goes back to the wrench.  He measures him for a strike.  Trey escapes and Russian Sweeps him into chairs on the floor.

Sami then slams Trey on the table.. upside down with the legs up.  Gross.  That was sick.  Trey stands up after a few seconds, only to be hit by a chair on the head.  Trey gets put up on the top rope.  Sami turns the table back on its legs in the center of the ring.  Sami mounts the ropes.  He hits a piledriver from top rope on the table.  The table didn’t break, the legs simply bent at a 90 degree angle.  That wasn’t pretty either.

Trey ends up on the arena floor and Sami sets up another table on the outside.  Sami lifts Trey from the steal stairs.  He crotches Trey and then piledrives him on the steps.  He then traps Trey under the steps.  The ref starts the ten count, but Trey got out.   He then cutters Sami onto the table on the floor.

The ref starts the count on both of them.  Sami couldn’t answer the bell and Trey made it up.

Winner.  Trey Miguel.

Rich Swann is interviewed backstage.  He admits Don Callus got in his head, but the mind games aren’t going to affect him.  He says this is Kenny Omega‘s biggest match ever too, not just his.   He then says this is Rebellion, his house, Impact.  He will not let his family and locker room down.

Up next is a vignette for the men’s tag match.  Impact World Tag Team Champions, Finn Juice and the Good Brothers are next.

Match 6.  The Good Brothers VS Fin Juice (World Tag Team Champions)

Fin Juice finally made their way back to the states, but they defended the straps all over Japan the last few months.  Both teams have had these belts and the IWGP belts.

Dave Finley and Karl Anderson will start this off.  The two jockey for position.  Dave makes a tag and Juice comes off the top with a double axe.  He follows it up with a suplex.  The champs do some double team moves and Karl struggles to the corner, before making a tag.

Gallows doesn’t do much better.  They champs take Doc off his feet with double face slam.  Karl tags in and things change.  He gets Finley to his side of the ring and Doc Gallows hits a pump kick from the outside on the floor.  Gallows tags in and hits another big boot.  Gallows gets a two count off a savate kick..  Gallows locks in a headlock on the mat.  His size is overwhelming Finley.  Gallows only releases the hold to drop elbows and then back to the headlock.

Eventually Finley gets free and makes the tag.  Juice hits a senton on Anderson, and takes out Gallows on the outside.  Back in the ring, he hits a atomic drop and corner clothesline.  He gets two count off a cannon ball in the corner.  Finley tags back in.  They hit a double team kick on Anderson for a two count.  Gallows makes the save.

Gallows gets tossed to the outside.  Anderson is alone.  They set up the Doomsday Device, but Gallows recovers and takes out Finley on the top rope.  They hit a neck breaker on Juice.  Finley blocks a Magic Killer and they roll up Gallows for the pin.

Winners and still champions…  Fin Juice.

Don Callus is interviewed backstage on behalf of Kenny Omega.  He congrats Rich Swann on getting him out of his head.  Now he can just deal with Kenny.  He then says nobody in the back has his back tonight.  He is going home without the Impact World Championship.

The vignette next is for the Knockouts Championship.  It is next.

Match 7. Deonna Purrazzo (Champion with Kimber Lee and Susan) VS Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

Dashwood and Purrazzo trade wristlocks and go behinds to start the match.  Tenille hits a neck breaker and a few quick pin attempts.  Purrazzo hits a short arm clothesline as Kimber yells encouragement.  Deonna wraps Tenille in a straight jacket.  Dashwood escapes and the two trade counters until Dashwood hits a series of clotheslines.  Dashwood then locks on the octopus in the ropes.  She gets a two count off a crossbody.

Dashwood then hits a boot to the face and a back elbow, but Deonna goes behind and hits a series up belly to back suplexes.  Dashwood fights it off and double under-hook suplexes  the champion in the corner.  Tenille earns a long two count after that.  Tenille hits a curbstomp and then locks on the Muta Lock.  Kimber and Susan interfere.  Kaleb breaks it up, but Kimber puts him down.  This distracts Tenille and Deonna hits a pump kick.  Deonna misses a dive from the top.  Tenille hits the spot light, but Kimber makes the save.

Purrazzo locks on the Armbar.  Tenille rolls out of it.  It would have been over.  Deonna hits the Queens Gambit and gets the pin.

Winner and still Champion.  Deonna Purrazzo.

Taylor Wilde enters the arena and clears the ring.  The former champion has returned.

Match 8.  The Main Event.  AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega (with Don Callus and The Good Brothers) VS Unified Impact and TNA World Champion, Rich Swann (with Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack)

Mauro Rennalo will join the announce team tonight.

Callus enters first to the Wedding March.  The music changes and The Best Bout Machine enters with The Good Brothers in tow.  Mauro also mentions Omega is the Triple A World Champion.  That belt is not on the line.

Swann enters with both his titles.  They are both on the line in this match.

Dave Penzer gives the formal announcement of the referees, Callus interrupts him and tells him to beat it.  He then goes on a ridiculous rant about Omega before announcing his name.  Penzer then announces Rich Swann.

No offense to Stryker and D’Lo, Mauro is simply outstanding.

The match begins with trading arm twists.  Omega takes Swann down, then walks over his back arrogantly.  He then slaps Swann in disgust.  Omega goes for a test of strength.  Swann boots and then slaps Omega from the ring.

Tony Khan is at ringside with his contingent.  He looks to be applauding Swann.  Swann stays on the attack when Omega re-enters.  Kenny was playing possum though.  Swann misses on kneedrop, and Kenny hits a belly to back and suplex on the apron.

They are doing a great job of showing the leaders of the company, like D’Amore on the outside.  They look nerved.

Omega hits a shoulder breaker for a two count.  Omega crushed Swann’s head on the apron.  This has Swann now at a clear disadvantage.  He hits a pendulum backbreaker.  Jerry Lynn and Khan are watching intently ringside.

Omega hits sky high knees to Swann.  Then he hits a forearm into the small of Swann’s back.  After a few knife edge chops by Omega, Swann blocks a face plant and takes out Omega.  He then starts trading blows.  Swann then connects with a flying head scissor.  Swann then hits a top rope Frankenstiener.  Omega kicks out at two.  The two end up on the top rope.  Omega hits several  chops.  They fell strangely.  That was a mistake.  Swann then hit a frog splash.  Omega hits a kick to the stomach and V Trigger.  Swann escapes a One Winged Angel, but takes a spin wheel kick.

Omega hits another vicious V Trigger in the corner after a brutal kick to the corner and a Dr. Willy Bomb.  Omega sets up the electric chair from the top rope, but they botched that move too, but it was covered up much better than the first botch.  They tumbled to the floor.

They start trading blows in the center of the ring.  Omega takes the advantage and hits a V Trigger and Snap Dragon Suplex.  He then hits a full nelson, suplex.  The Dynamite Kid would love the speed of these suplexes.

Swann’s neck is becoming the focal point of the fight.  Swann out of nowhere hits a cutter.  He then goes for a handspring cutter, but hits Brian Hebner.  Omega grabs a chair, but Aubrey Edwards will not allow it.  Omega becomes distracted.  Swann hits the handspring cutter and roll up for a 2 and a 1/2 count.  Swann hits several kicks and a Swann Driver.  Omega kicks out at two.

Swann connects with a straight kick to Omega’s face.  He goes to the top, he misses and get hit with another V Trigger.  He hits a suplex and a Piledriver.  Swann kicks out at two.

Khan is loving this on the outside.  Another V Trigger.. Then another.. He misses the third because Swann collapsed.  Eddie and Willie try to will Swann on, but Omega hits another V Trigger.  Omega pulls Swann up.  Swann punches Omega and hits a suplex!

Swann goes to the top and misses a Phoenix Splash.  A V Trigger and One Winged Angel Later, it is all over.

Winner and NEW IMPACT, TNA and still AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega.

The PPV Ends with Omega drapped in gold.














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