Eddie Edwards open to American Wolves Reunion, Flair’s message for Mongo

Apr 25, 2021 - by James Walsh

– While speaking to Fightful, Eddie Edwards discussed Davey Richards making a return to wrestling and leaving the door open for an American Wolves reunion with Davey Richards. Below is an excerpt:

“Yeah, man. I talk to Davey here and there, some texts and stuff and once it came out that he was coming back I texted him. I’m happy he’s coming back, man. Because his work ethic is undeniable. Whether it’s in the ring or outside the ring. Anything he wants to do, he has the drive to do it. So, I’m happy to see him come back. It’s professional wrestling. You never know what’s going to happen. You never say never. I’m also not going to guarantee anything, but I’m open to work with Davey or tag with Davey. Because I hold those Wolves times very fondly. They mean a lot to me. It was my first big shot with him in ROH, teaming with him was my big first opportunity. So, to be able to do that, we made the journey to IMPACT together. The Wolves are special to me, and I’d be happy to do that and I’m happy he’s back. So, only time will tell. Stand by. We’ll see.”

– As we previously reported, former WCW wrestler Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael revealed that he has been diagnosed with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. In a post on Twitter, Ric Flair wished Mongo well in his ongoing battle.

He wrote: “Mongo, You Were Our Hero Long Before You Came To Us In Wrestling. A Super Bowl Champion And A Natural Born Horseman. You More Than Lived Up To Your Reputation! The Pearly Gates Are Something A Lot Of Us Contemplate. Keep Up The Good Fight! We Love You!”

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