SWE Fury: Sprang Stampede Report

Apr 24, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

SWE Fury presents Sprang Stampede 2021 at Irving, Texas at the Southern Junction. This is their first PPV.

Kevin Sullivan & Bob Mauldin are the commentators for the night as they welcome us live at Sprang Stampede.

We see a recap of a few weeks ago as Blood Hunter defeated Gangrel for the SWE Texas Championship as he powerbombed Salina de la Renta on top of Gangrel to put him through a table for the win.

The ring announcer for the evening is Bryce Bourdreaux. He welcomes us as everyone stands for the national anthem.

After the anthem Bourdreaux introduces the SWE Fury General Manager Teddy Long as he speaks with the audience and mentions the talent that’ll be here tonight. He finishes with the holla holla holla as the audience chants it with him.

Salina de la Renta comes out with Blood Hunter. Long congratulates Blood Hunter on winning the Texas Championship. Salina grabs the mic and says are you really here to just compliment me or just look stupid. She then starts getting heat with the audience as she disrespects them all and finishes by saying she hopes they have a wonderful night.

Match #1: Mil Muertes defeated Wes Brisco via DQ as Brisco used a close fist. After the match both men brawl it out as officials try to break it up and the fans chant let them fight.

After the match Bryce Bourdreaux informs the fans that in SWE Fury there is no closed fists and you aren’t allowed to throw someone over the ropes.

Match #2: Michael Shafer (w/ Nigel Rabid) defeated Deimos (w/ Teal Piper) with a Vader Bomb.

Match #3: 6 Women’s Battle Royal with no winner as the remaining 3 ran off when the Boogeyman comes out to the ring. He then grabs the mic and keeps chanting Rosemary and says where is Rosemary? He then heads into the audience to mess with the fans. He then feeds a worm to a lady in the audience.

A recap of the arrival of CaZXL airs when Melina didn’t come to SWE Fury alone. Bam Bam Malone then joins the commentary booth for the next match.

Match #4: Frank Stone defeated Niles Plonk with the running bulldog legdrop.

Nigel Rabid joins commentary for the next match.

Match #5: CaZXL (w/ Melina) defeated Frankie Thomas & Kaun in a handicap match as he pinned both opponents. After the match Salina de la Renta & Blood Hunter come out as Blood Hunter & CaZXL stare each another down.

Match #6: Blood Hunter (w/Salina de la Renta) defeated Luke Curtis with a double arm powerbomb. After the match Sabu comes out attacking Blood with a chair, the officials then stop the attack. Sabu then came back out as Salina wanted Hunter to powerbomb her on Sabu through the table but Sabu rolled off the table while Salina goes through the table. Officials try to help Salina but Hunter attacks them all and carries her to the back on his own.

Lacey Von Erich is seen backstage talking to the audience. She then goes around talking to the children in the audience.

Match #7: Blood Hunter defeated Sabu after powerbombing him through a table after Salina struck him in the back with a cane.

Bam Bam Malone joins commentary again for the next match.

Match #8: Andrew Anderson (w/Nigel Rabid) defeated Nobe Bryant with a samoan drop after he took a shot in the back from a briefcase.

Match #9: The OMG’s (Mike Anthony & Jon Amari) defeated Midnight Special & Adam Asher to retain the SWE Tag Team Titles.

Match #10: Rodney Mack defeated Jeremy Wyatt to retain the SWE Television Title.

After the match Jazz would make her way to the ring. She states that she is here for business and unfortunately it has nothing to do with her wrestling. She then calls out Teddy Long. He first congratulates Jazz for being the first Hall of Fame inductee for SWE. He also announces how she will now be the director for the Women’s Division. Jazz grabs the mic and says that she’s here to make sure that the women’s division is just as strong as the men’s division. She then says she thinks there should be a Women’s Television Title. Teddy asks the audience what they think and then he says it’ll happen then. He throws some holla’s out and leaves.

Wes Brisco joins the commentary desk for the next match.

Match #11: Charlie Haas defeated Heartthrob Jaden to retain the SWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Lacey Von Erich is back in the audience interviewing kids and letting them beat her up. She then asks a boy who his favorite wrestler is and he says Action Jackson and then Jackson shows up to give the kid a hug. Lacey then goes around talking to more kids.

We then see highlights from the rivalry between Moonshine Mantell & Max Castellanos as they’ll meet in the main event tonight in a Strap Lumberjack match.

Match #12: Mil Muertes defeated Abel Andrew Jackson with the Straight to Hell.

Bam Bam Malone joins commentary once again for the next match.

Match #13: Deimos (w/ Teal Piper) defeated Edge Stone with a pedigree.

We see Brittani Nikole walk up to interview Salina de la Renta about herself and Blood Hunter. Salina says oh great Alicia 2.0, she says that he’ll defend his title whenever so leave me alone.

Match #14: Christi Jaynes retained the SWE Women’s Championship against Renee Michelle. After the match Christi brings some kids in the ring to celebrate with her.

Nigel Rabid joins the commentary team for the next match.

Match #15: CaZXL (w/ Melina) defeated Gangrel with a schoolboy after the distraction from Melina. After the match Gangrel spit blood mist in the face of Melina.

Head of Talent Relations James Beard sits down to talk to the commentators about the main event tonight.

Match #16: Ryan Moonshine Mantell vs. Max Castellanos in a Strap Lumberjack match ended in a no contest because Moonshine kept laying out officials. Teddy Long came out and said stop it, I’m tired of this so I’ll give you two one more match and this is over. Next month on May 22nd it’ll be a Steel Cage match between the two.

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  1. fairfax says:

    I know people are talking about this fed and I’m glad to see Devon Nicholson and Moonshine Mantell both get showcased on a bigger level…but I just don’t get it? And is this a ppv or a tv taping? Because it sounds like they’re also taping for their tv show which is weird if so and a waste of money for those who ordered it. Idk… maybe it’s just me but I just don’t get the interest. Also…. match 15 and it’s NOT yet the main event? Is “Sprang Stampede” their Wrestlemania….IV in particular?

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