Apr 23, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Jen Cajuste
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 132 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Sayreville, New Jersey
Pro Debut: 2013
Trained By: Pro Wrestling Syndicate Dojo
Finishing Move: Eat Defeat


– Vanity is nicknamed the OG Doll.
– September 28, 2013, Vanity defeated Jennifer Cruz at PWS Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling 7.
– December 14th, Vanity & Angel Dust lost to Sienna DuVall & Jessie Kaye in the first round of the PWS Majestic Twelve Tournament.
– March 22, 2014, Vanity lost to Angel Dust at PWS Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling 9.
– September 27th, Vanity competed in a Battle Royal at WCICW IndyMania 4.
– October 4th, Vanity & Derek Direction lost to Super Beast & Madisynn at VOW October Onslaught II.
– December 20th, Vanity & Craig Steele lost to Tessa Blanchard & Chris Payne at PWS Fightmare Before Christmas ’14.
– March 1, 2015, Vanity challenged Missy Sampson for the PWS Bombshells Title.
– May 2nd, Vanity lost to Mary Elizabeth in the semi-finals of the VOW Queen of the Ring.
– October 2nd, Vanity lost to Savannah Evans at Tier 1 Rumble in the Concrete Jungle.
– October 10th, Vanity lost to Debbie Kane at the EPWE Underground Battle Against Breast Cancer ’15.
– November 14th, Vanity lost to Deonna Purrazzo at Excellence 20% Gratuity.
– February 20, 2016, Vanity lost to Tess Valentine at PWE Winter Warfare.
– April 2nd, Vanity won a 3-Way at VOW Scrambled.
– May 21st, Vanity competed in a 4-Way at PWE Collateral Damage.
– May 28th, Vanity defeated Willow Nightingale at KPW Broken Promises Vixen Version.
– June 4th, Vanity challenged Deonna Purrazzo for the ECWA Women’s Title.
– June 10th, Vanity defeated Karen Q at Excellence Flea.
– June 12th, Vanity lost to Deonna Purrazzo at Excellence Tick.
– August 6th, Vanity defeated MJ Jenkins at AIW Girls Night Out 18.
– August 13th, Vanity, Hellen Vale & Terra Calaway defeated The Silver Age of the Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & John Silver) at Forza Lucha! 4.
– August 27th, Vanity lost to Kimber Lee at ACW/Rogue Critical Heat.
– September 10th, Vanity lost to Ray Lyn at ACW/Rogue Fallout.
– October 1st, Vanity competed in a 3-Way at BCP Battle by the 6.
– October 8th, Vanity defeated Miranda Vionette at Excellence Scaredy Cat.
– October 22nd, Vanity won the vacant PWE Women’s Title by winning a 3-Way.
– December 17th, Vanity retained the title against Maria Manic.
– February 11, 2017, Vanity competed against Dani Deville for the vacant WDWA Women’s Title.
– February 25th, Vanity defended the PWE Women’s Title against Karen Q.
– March 4th, Vanity lost to Sonya Strong at WWR Identity Crisis.
– March 24th, Vanity lost to Hellen Vale at PWE March Slamness.
– May 20th, Vanity lost to MJ Jenkins at WWR Brick House.
– May 27th, Vanity retained the PWE Women’s Title against Tess Valentine.
– June 9th, Vanity defeated Skylar at WOW Women of Warriors II.
– September 8th, Vanity lost to Jenny Rose at the PWE 1 Year Anniversary Show.
– October 7th, Vanity defeated Kris Statlander at WOW Women of Warriors III.
– October 21st, Vanity lost the PWE Women’s Title to Tess Valentine.
– November 26th, Vanity lost to Davienne in the first round of the WWR Tournament for Tomorrow.
– January 13, 2018, Vanity challenged Willow Nightingale for the NYWC Starlet Title.
– January 28th, Vanity, Kasey Catal & Kris Statlander defeated Alexxis, Gilian Leigh & Taeler Hendrix at WWR Five Year Plan.
– February 10th, Vanity & Thumper lost to Willow Nightingale & C-Bunny at WOW Women of Warriors IV.
– March 3rd, Vanity & Adira defeated Allie Recks & LuFisto at ACW/Rogue Caturday Night Wrestling.
– March 24th, Vanity competed in a 3-Way for the PWE Women’s Title.
– March 25th, Vanity defeated Kasey Catal at WWR From the Pinnacle to the Pit.
– April 14th, Vanity & Katred lost to C-Bunny & Katred at WOW Women of Warriors V.
– April 20th, Vanity lost to Allie Recks at the PWE Intergalactic Supershow.
– June 7th, Vanity lost to Katred at BCP Malice at the Palace.
– August 11th, Vanity defeated Corinne Mink at WOW Women of Warriors 6.
– September 8th, Vanity lost to Savannah Evans in the quarter-finals of the QOC Heir to the Throne Tournament.
– September 15th, Vanity defeated Trixie Tash at ACW A Little Piece of Heaven.
– November 10th, Vanity & Juba lost to Sonny Kiss & Angelina Love at WOW Intergender Warfare.
– December 1st, Vanity lost to Tasha Steelz at the WOW 11th Year Anniversary Show.
– January 18, 2019, Vanity lost to Aja Perera in the first round of the BCW Queen of the North Tournament.
– February 23rd, Vanity lost to Maria Manic at WWR Widowmaker.
– March 23rd, Vanity lost to Ava Everett at WSU Something Entirely New.
– June 30th, Vanity lost to Faye Jackson at WWR Let Them Eat Cake.
– August 17th, Vanity lost to Phoebe at Ladies Night Out 7.
– September 20th, Vanity competed in a 6-Way at EVOLVE 135.
– September 27th, Vanity defeated Tasha Steelz at BCW Fight for It 3.
– October 19th, Vanity competed in a 3-Way at QOC 37.
– November 1st, Vanity defeated Vicious Vicki at BCW Final Judgement 3.
– November 9th, Vanity lost to Tina San Antonio at SHINE 62.
– January 28, 2020, Vanity would win the BCW Queen of the North 2 Tournament to win the vacant BCW Women’s Title.
– February 29th, Vanity lost to Amber Rodriguez at Ladies Night Out 9.
– August 22nd, Vanity & Sean Lost to The Runway (Calvin Couture & Tyler Klein) at the Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza 6.
– November 6th, Vanity lost to Raychell Rose in the first round of the MPW Title Tournament.
– December 5th, Vanity lost to Jennacide in the first round of the GCW Diamond Cup.

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