Miranda Alize

Apr 23, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Miranda IIissa
Height: 5’1″
Date of Birth: May 26, 1994
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Pro Debut: July 26, 2014
Trained By: Reality of Wrestling
Finishing Move: Swanton Bomb


– Alize has a background in Jiu-Jitsu.
– Alize is also known as Miranda Salinas, she is also nicknamed Princess & the Superstar.
– July 26, 2014, Miranda would make her debut by competing in a Battle Royal for the vacant ROW Diamonds Title.
– January 10, 2015, Miranda challenged Kenzie Sykes for the ROW Diamonds Title.
– February 21st, Miranda competed in a 3-Way for the ROW Diamonds Title.
– August 8th, Miranda competed in a 3-Way for the vacant ROW Diamonds Title.
– October 10th, Miranda challenged Ivory Robyn for the ROW Diamonds Title.
– October 8, 2016, Miranda defeated Kylie Rae by DQ on ROW TV.
– November 12th, Miranda competed in a 3-Way for the ROW Diamonds Division Title.
– December 10th, Miranda lost to Kiera Hogan at ROW Christmas Chaos XI.
– January 14, 2017, Miranda & Kylie Rae lost to Jada Keys & Ivory Robyn at ROW Gold Rush.
– February 11th, Miranda lost to Jada Keys at ROW Breaking Point.
– April 8th, Miranda defeated Kayla Lynn at ROW Extrema.
– July 13th, Miranda lost to Rhea Ripley in the first round of the WWE Mae Young Classic #2.
– September 15th, Miranda won a 3-Way at VIPX Please Don’t Die.
– October 13th, Miranda defeated Leva Bates at Sabotage She’s on It.
– October 28th, Miranda won a Battle Royal at VIP/Sabotage Wrestling Fight Girl Fight.
– November 10th, Miranda competed in a 4-Way at RISE 5.
– December 17th, Miranda lost to Su Yung at IHWE Jeremy’s Birthday Bash.
– January 21, 2018, Miranda, Nicole Savoy & Xia Brookside lost to Team Jungle (Kaori Yoneyama, Natsuko Tora & Jungle Kyona) at the Stardom 7th Anniversary Show.
– February 4th, Miranda, Xia Brookside & Starlight Kid lost to Queen’s Quest (AZM, HZK & Momo Watanabe) at Stardom Kyoto Max.
– February 18th, Miranda & Nicole Savoy won a 4-Way Elimination at Stardom Queen’s Fes.
– February 24th, Miranda challenged Toni Storm for the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title.
– April 13th, Miranda & Kylie Rae lost to Melanie Cruise & Zoey Skye at RISE 7.
– April 14th, Miranda competed in a 4-Way at SHIMMER 101.
– April 15th, Miranda lost to Tessa Blanchard at SHIMMER 104.
– May 12th, Miranda defeated Dementia D’Rose on RISE Ascent.
– June 16th, Miranda won a Gauntlet match to win the vacant Hurricane Pro Women’s Title.
– June 28th, Miranda, Tessa Blanchard & The Killer Baes (Heather Monroe & Laura James) lost to Shotzi Blackheart, Rachel Ellering, Kris Wolf & Britt Baker at Bar Wrestling 13.
– June 29th, Miranda & Kylie Rae defeated Ayoka Muhara & Nicole Matthews at RISE 8.
– June 30th, Miranda lost to Aerial Monroe in the first round of the AWS Women’s Tournament.
– July 6th, Miranda lost to Erica Torres at VIP Hard to Kill 2.
– July 7th, Miranda & Kylie Rae competed in a 4-Way Elimination for the vacant Guardians of RISE Titles.
– July 8th, Miranda challenged Tessa Blanchard for the Phoenix of RISE Title.
– August 24th, Miranda competed in a 3-Way for the Zelo Pro Women’s Title.
– January 19, 2019, Miranda challenged Hyan for the ROW Diamonds Division Title.
– February 9th, Miranda competed in a 4-Way for the vacant The Crash Femenil Title.
– February 23rd, Miranda lost to Scarlett Bordeaux at Ladies Night Out 5.
– March 29th, Miranda competed in the RISE of the Contenders Rumble.
– March 30th, Miranda competed in a Scramble at SHIMMER 109.
– March 31st, Miranda competed in a 4-Way at SHIMMER 111.
– April 20th, Miranda retained the Hurricane Pro Women’s Title against Heather Monroe.
– April 27th, Miranda defeated Allie Recks at Ladies Night Out 6.
– May 3rd, Miranda competed in a 3-Way at VIP Watch the Throne.
– May 11th, Miranda defeated Rok-C on ROW TV.
– May 17th, Miranda lost to Shotzi Blackheart at RISE 14.
– May 18th, Miranda & Vipress defeated Aerial Monroe & Heather Monroe at AWS Ladies Night #3.
– June 30th, Miranda defeated Candy Lee at RISE Pride & Joy.
– July 27th, Miranda lost the Hurricane Pro Women’s Title to Heather Monroe.
– August 10th, Miranda lost to Shax at SWE III Manors ’19.
– August 11th, Miranda, Kanji & Saraya Knight defeated Sanitarium (Shax, Jayde & Nightshade) at SWE Retribution X.
– August 17th, Miranda challenged Alex Gracia for the ROW Diamonds Division Title.
– September 1st, Miranda competed in the first round 4-Way of the Inspire Pro Future Kill ’20 Tournament.
– September 29th, Miranda lost to Phoebe at ACW The Evolution of the Revolution ’19.
– October 9th, Miranda lost to Tessa Blanchard at Bar Wrestling 45.
– October 26th, Miranda & Gino defeated Heather Monroe & Jake Atlas at Hurricane Pro International Style Battle.
– November 1st, Miranda defeated Kimber Lee at RISE Early to Rise 2.
– November 16th, Miranda competed against Ivelisse for the vacant LNO Title.
– December 4th, Miranda lost to Taya Valkyrie at Bar Wrestling 49.
– December 18th, Miranda lost to Awesome Kong on AEW Dynamite.
– December 28th, Miranda competed in a 3-Way for the Hurricane Pro Women’s Title.
– January 1, 2020, Miranda, Eli Everfly & Chris Bey lost to Ray Rosas, Priscilla Kelly & Andy Brown at Bar Wrestling 51.
– January 11th, Miranda & Hyan lost to AQA & Alex Gracia at Impact Wrestling Arlington Brawl & Fanfest.
– January 12th, Miranda defeated Nate Andrews at ACW Guilty by Association 14.
– January 18th, Miranda defeated Will Allday at Hurricane Pro Queen’s of the Ring 2.
– February 9th, Miranda challenged Jordynne Grace for the Impact Knockouts Title.
– February 20th, Miranda defeated Lacey Ryan at QPW Thank You Buggy.
– February 23rd, Miranda competed in a 5-Way for the KAOZ Women’s Title.
– February 26th, Miranda lost to Britt Baker on AEW Dark.
– February 27th, Miranda & Joey Ryan lost to Kiera Hogan & Diamante at Bar Wrestling 54.
– February 29th, Miranda defeated Phoebe at Ladies Night Out 9.
– March 7th, Miranda won a 3-Way at Ground Zero Regulators! Mount Up!
– March 11th, Miranda & Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) defeated Douglas James & Doomfly (Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly) at Bar Wrestling 55.
– June 13th, Miranda lost to Ryan Kidd at FIST Combat Summer Sizzler 2K20.
– July 4th, Miranda defeated Ryan Kidd at the FIST The Great American Barbecue.
– October 20th, Miranda defeated Christi Jaynes at UWN Primetime Live.
– October 24th, Miranda defeated Bu Ku Dao for the Hurricane Pro Cruiserweight Title.
– November 3rd, Miranda lost to Heather Monroe on UWN Primetime Live.
– November 13th, Miranda, Estrella Divina, Tiago & Andressa del Rey defeated Baby Love, Lady Lee, Torito Negro & Rugido at Evolucion 8. Aniversario.
– February 3, 2021, Miranda lost to Nyla Rose on AEW Dark.
– February 6th, Miranda lost to Amber Nova at SWE Sweethearts Brawl.
– February 17th, Miranda & Renee Michelle lost to Ivelisse & Diamante on AEW Dark.
– February 27th, Miranda retained the Hurricane Pro Cruiserweight Title against Nate Andrews.
– March 1st, Miranda lost to Leyla Hirsch in the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament.
– March 11th, Miranda lost to Penelope Ford on AEW Dark.
– In September 2021, Miranda signed with Ring of Honor.

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