Impact Report 4/22/21

Apr 22, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for live updates from Impact Wrestling.  D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker are on the call.  This is the Go Home Show before Rebellion!

Match 1.  Good Brothers VS Decay (with Rosemary)

Crazzy Steve and The Machine Gun Start off for their respective teams.  Karl takes out Steve with a stiff uppercut.  Steve then uses Black Taurus to double team Anderson and gain an advantage.  Anderson gets to Doc Gallows and makes a tag.  Doc uses power and punches and takes control briefly.  Steve tags back in as does Anderson.  Steve clotheslines Anderson and hits a basement flatliner.  Gallows runs in and interferes after Steve tries to tap out Anderson.  Gallows levels Black Taurus next and he spills from the ring to the floor.

This leaves Crazzy Steve to fend for himself.  This leads up to a Magic Killer and a pin.

Winners.  The Good Brothers.

The Good Brothers cut a promo gearing up for their Tag Title return match with Fin Juice.

A Hype Package for Violent By Design airs next.

Match 2.  Susan (with Deonna Purrazzo) VS Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with K)

Dashwood takes control early with a headscissors and a pin attempt of a sunset flip.  We then go to break.

As we return, Susan has taken control of the match and is plodding along in typical fashion.  She hits a lariat as Dashwood exits the corner and lands suplex.  She then hits a crossbody block and gets a quick two count.  Dashwood rallies and hits a vicious neckbreaker after locking on the Tarantula.  She then connects with The Spotlight Kick to get the win.

Winner.  Tenille Dashwood

After the match, Tenille confronts Deonna and challenges the champion to a match at Rebellion.

Match 3.  Jake Something VS Shera (with Rohit Raju)

Jake is off to a quick start connecting with punches, slams, shoulder blocks and a whip to the corner.  Rohit, who has had issues with Shera makes good this time for his friend, and distracts Something when he gets on the ring apron.  This gives Shera time to recover.  He surprises Something from behind and ultimately connects on a sit out, powerbomb.  Shera then pins Jake for the win.

Winner.  Shera.

Trey Miguel is back in his home training gym.  He is talking to his mentor about his issues with Sami Callahan.  Trey then gets some advice to challenge Sami at Rebellion.  He tells Sami to show him what he is made of.  Sami then goes into training mode as the vignette ends.

Impact World Champion, Rich Swann enters the arena and addresses the tv audience regarding his upcoming World Title VS World Title, Winner Takes all match with AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega this weekend at Rebellion.  He is quickly cut off.  Don Callus and Omega interrupt the interview on the jumbotron.  They lash into Omega with much the same tone from previous weeks.  Callus is the heal manager, to the cocky, Kenny Omega.  Omega and Callus belittle the Impact World Champion.  They make it seem like he is lucky to be in the ring with Omega at all.  Moose then enters the arena.  He actually starts off congratulating Swann on his victory over him in their World Title Unification Match last month.  Moose then wishes Swann “Good Luck” in his match with Omega, but not before offering him some words of advise.

Match 4.  Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) VS Jordynne Grace

Grace is still recovering from the loss of her mentor and tag partner, Jazz last week.  We will see if that comes into play as she faces one half of the Knockouts World Tag Team Champions.

Grace and Hogan go right at each other.  Grace seems to be using her anger as advantage.  She uses her size and power to overpower Hogan in the corner and ram her repeatedly.  She then missiles her toward the center of the ring with a belly to belly suplex.  Next in a amazing series, she locks on the human torture rack and then a splash to the corner.  Hogan is completely outmatched.   You can see Steelz on the outside concerned.  Grace then sets up Hogan on the top rope.  She climbs and hits a Superplex.  One. . Two..  Steelz makes the save, but Hogan gets DQ’d for her interference.

Winner by DQ… Jordynne Grace.

Fire N’ Flava then attack Grace post match.  However, Grace’s new partner, Rachel Ellering runs in to make the save.  She is announced to be part of the Knockouts Tag Match at Rebellion with Grace.

Up next is another pretaped interview with Impact World Tag Team Champions, Fin Juice.  They will defend against former champs, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson at Rebellion.

Impact then airs a hype package for the Omega VS Swann match this weekend.  This is a great package.  It is longer and probably the one they will air for the lead in on the PPV this weekend.

Match 5.  Eric Young (with Violent by Design) VS Eddie Edwards with Chris Sabin, James Storm and Tommy Dreamer.

Right off the bat, this match is a mess.

Eddie takes the early advantage and hits an atomic drop and belly to belly.  We then go to break.

Once back, we see EY has taken control of the match.  Eventually EY lifts Eddie and drops him crotch first on the top rope.  Eddie topless to the arena floor after getting twisted up in the ropes.  EY dives from the ring onto Eddie on the arena floor.  This seems to uplift Eddie.  He fights back with a few punches and a clothesline, but EY hits a back elbow that drops Eddie.  EY gets a pin attempt, but Eddie kicks out at two.

They end up on the top rope and Eddie lands a Superplex.  He then goes for a backback stunner, but EY blocks it, but then Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb.  We get a long two count, but EY kicks out.  Eddie is shocked.  EY and Eddie then trade blows until Death Valley Driver for another two count.  They begin fighting again and Eddie connects with a Tiger Driver, but EY kicks out again!  Damn.. This is great stuff.

The six men on the outside begin brawling on the outside.  Doering manages to get to the ring and confuses Eddie, EY rolls up Eddie for the win.

Winner EY

The show ends as all men battle in the arena.




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